My Secret Hotel: Episode 8 Recap


There are plenty of twists, turns, and fake-outs in this episode. What happens to Young Mi’s body? Who kills her? And most importantly, will Sang Hyo and Hae Young stay married? Or… WAS IT ALL A DREAM?

It certainly seems so when Sang Hyo’s screams wake her up and she finds herself in the infirmary with Eun Joo beside her. Apparently she fainted again. She worriedly asks about Young Mi, to which Eun Joo tells her that Young Mi’s actually alive and working! So which part of the past 24 hours was a dream, and which part was reality?

Eun Joo drags her outside and pushes Sang Hyo in front of a small group of reporters for a little interview with Hae Young. So her wedding to Hae Young did happen. Sang Hyo wonders if she’s currently in a dream and asks Hae Young to pinch her cheeks. He gladly does so, pinching both cheeks and squishing her face.

Meanwhile, the suite is currently “Under Construction.” Translation, it’s been barred off as a crime scene. So Young Mi is dead. What’s with all these fake-outs show? It looks like no one wants to tell Sang Hyo the truth yet so that she doesn’t faint again. An officer confirms that her cause of death was when she hit the edge of the bath tub. Geum Bo is reminded of how angry Young Mi was during her interrogation, and how bitter she was that the rich never marry the poor. There’s never a Cinderella story at the hotel… until Sang Hyo and Hae Young’s wedding happened.

When the reporters mention it to Sang Hyo though, she resists against the label of “Cinderella.” She may be an adoptee and happened to marry rich, but she never expected for that to happen. She never looked at marriage as a way to elevate her status. Props to her for resisting that label! Eun Joo quickly wraps up the interview so that the couple can leave for their honeymoon. Sang Hyo’s shocked that she even has to do this much and be with Hae Young for three days and two nights!

Eun Joo practically drags Sang Hyo to the car, not hiding how eager she is to get Sang Hyo out of the hotel. Haha I love her, even though Eun Joo is doing all this to get Sung Gyeom in the end.

Speaking of whom, Sung Gyeom goes out to the resort’s garden and finds the wife again. (I’ll just call her Jin Young…) She mistakes him for her husband Goong Min and he sets the record straight that once again, he’s Sung Gyeom. Disappointed, she goes back searching for a heart-shaped rock. Sung Gyeom finds one almost right away and gives it to her, but she refuses to take it. Finding a heart-shaped rock is like finding good luck that your love will come to fruition, and you can’t give it away or lose it. Otherwise you’ll lose your one true love. Jin Young had lost the one she and Goong Min found, and that’s why they broke up.

I don’t watch We Got Married, but is this perchance a reference to something Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young did? And the writer of this drama just worked it into the script?

In any case, Jin Young flirts with him and hopes that if he does lose the rock, he could start a love again with her. Haha cute.

As Hae Young drives to their honeymoon spot, Sang Hyo asks about how she fainted last night. With some hesitance, he thinks back to that night. He woke up to her screams and caught her as she fell to the floor. He saw Young Mi’s body, but was more worried about Sang Hyo and took her to the infirmary. However, he doesn’t tell her all of this. Instead he acts as if Sang Hyo fainted on her own. No one is ready to tell Sang Hyo the truth…

Manager Cha helps escort the CSI and officers out of the room through an employee designated elevator. Just before he leaves, Geum Bo spots all the signs in the room. Hae Young and Sang Hyo got married? How could this be?! Hehe, even Manager Cha has difficulty explaining what just happened.

Gi Chul can’t stop crying over Young Mi’s death. Now it’s only him and Kyung Hee left in the office sitting on the same side of the table. Kyung Hee mourns for Gi Chul should he find out that she’ll die too, since anyone can die at any time. Gi Chul swears he’ll protect her, because he knows who the killer is.

Well, him and like, every other staff member who’s got their own conspiracy theories on why there have been two deaths already.

Sung Gyeom plays with the heart-shaped rock, tossing it around playfully. He doesn’t believe in Jin Young’s superstitions, but when he nearly loses the rock he actually gets scared. Guess he just likes to play with fate, but sees no harm in believing in a little rock. He totally misses Hae Young and Sang Hyo’s arrival at the same resort though, as this is where they’ll be spending their honeymoon! And yes, there’s only ONE ROOM available so they’ll have to share.

When they get to their room, Sang Hyo sets up some rules. She got married for the sake of the hotel, and he got married to save face. They ought to keep their boundaries. Hae Young is a mite disappointed that she had no thoughts of starting over with him, but accepts her rules.

Sang Hyo begins to unpack her luggage that Eun Joo had packed for her, only to find an absurd amount of lingerie. HAHA. She’ll never change now! Hae Young then opens his luggage to find something so embarrassing that he decides to sit on his luggage. Hehehehe. Curious, Sang Hyo pushes him off and opens it up. Inside are a whole bunch of raspberry extract tonics – good for virility!

Haha! Turns out his coworkers had packed his luggage because he was so busy, and threw a whole bunch of different tonic packs in there! But Shi Chan takes the cake – he gave him viagra!

Sang Hyo picks up the bottle, and Hae Young tries to grab it from her before she can read the label. They fall on top of each other on the bed. Awkward…ly steamy…

Hae Young asks if they can start over, but are interrupted by someone knocking on the door. Sang Hyo sends him out, and boy is he in for a surprise when it’s Soo Ah at the door! She rushes in to hug him, she missed him so much! Whaaaa?!

Soo Ah is shocked to discover that Sang Hyo would even get married as a substitute wife but doesn’t make much fuss. Instead, she introduces the man she loves – Mr. Kim Ki Ho. Uh… so… they’re going to be living together in this resort?! Meanwhile, Sung Gyeom meets with the resort’s managing director to discuss the resort’s business. (It’s doing well.) He’s informed that the ‘Goo Hae Young couple’ has arrived, so he goes over to make his greetings. EEEK!

Soo Ah’s mother had stopped all of her credit cards so she has no more money. She came to the resort because the room was at least reserved under her name too, so she thought she and Ki Ho could stay a few days. Hae Young tries to kick her out, but she refuses to budge. He should leave, especially since she didn’t think he’d marry someone else on their wedding day.

Sang Hyo says she’ll leave instead and opens the door. Sung Gyeom is outside! But Hae Young stops her and the door closes before Sung Gyeom can see them. Sung Gyeom can hear Soo Ah and Hae Young yelling at each other to get out and decides that now isn’t the time to say hi. Whew.

Soo Ah refuses to leave the bedroom and prefers if the “substitute” leaves. She goes to grab Sang Hyo’s luggage, only to find some lacy lingerie instead! Ack, so embarrassing! Hae Young stops Sang Hyo from rushing into the room and tells her to just wait for him downstairs. He’ll take care of Soo Ah.

Ooooh, I’d love to see that happen.

Sang Hyo actually is really hurt at being called “substitute” and tries to cheer herself up outside on a walk. Just then Sung Gyeom calls her! To make it worse, he’s literally across the field from her, but thankfully he can’t see her as she pretends to be at work. He can’t wait to see her tomorrow, as they’re supposed to start dating then, but then Sang Hyo hesitates. Sensing some form of rejection, Sung Gyeom quickly yells at an invisible Simon and hangs up on her. Aww, poor guy.

Hae Young comes down and tries to take a selfie with her in the background. She kicks him in the butt and tries to smack him. This Sung Gyeom sees, but he doesn’t see Sang Hyo’s face. He blissfully believes that Hae Young is just fighting with Soo Ah.

Back at work, Eun Joo finishes up her PR piece on Sang Hyo and Hae Young’s wedding. We then get her point of view of what happened that night. Notified by Hae Young somehow, she runs up to see him carrying Sang Hyo out of the room. He tells Eun Joo to take care of the dead body and screams in fright when she sees Young Mi’s body. She barely remembers the number for 911 when she hears Young Mi’s ghostly voice. Young Mi’s dead body suddenly comes alive and attacks Eun Joo. “Why did you do that to me?” she says eerily, before hitting Eun Joo in the back of the head with the candlestick.

Eun Joo wakes up at her desk screaming, but she gets scared when she sees a shadow pass her office. It’s time to go home now! She runs off to the elevators but then hears someone crying. Facing her fears, she decides to go check out the source of the sound. Someone’s at Young Mi’s desk!

The chair twirls around: it’s Jung Eun! Sobbing like crazy. Jung Eun can’t believe Hae Young remarried Sang Hyo, and snuck into the hotel office to confirm if Sang Hyo really did go on her honeymoon. Crazy girl… Eun Joo kicks Jung Eun out, but then runs after her so that she has someone to leave with. Looks like Eun Joo really did kill Young Mi, as she reassures herself that she really didn’t think Young Mi was going to die.

Sang Hyo and Hae Young spend the night in a tent outside, having a mini campfire. Guess Hae Young wasn’t so successful in convincing Soo Ah to get out. Sang Hyo’s super disappointed in him and goes inside the tent to sleep. He can sleep outside! As harsh as she can be, Hae Young still smiles. Being with Sang Hyo is enough to make him happy.

Hae Young tries to make her feel guilty by pointing out that he could have left her outside while he slept in the room. Also, wouldn’t she be scared to sleep alone? There could be bears, snakes… and even rats! That’s enough to scare Sang Hyo and she finally calls for him, scared as heck. He appears behind her and she instinctively hugs him out of relief. “What, did you really think I’d leave you?” he smiles.

Once again, he promises he’ll never leave her behind. I wish she’d recognize his sincerity! Just as they’re having their moment, they’re rudely interrupted when Ki Ho trips over their luggage. Sang Hyo screams and hides behind Hae Young, thinking it’s a bear. Heh. Looks like Ki Ho is in the dog house too as Soo Ah just sent him out to sleep in the tent too.

Why did Soo Ah and Ki Ho fight? Because he stopped her from ordering expensive room service. Bwahahah oh this princess. She hears someone come in and, thinking it’s Ki Ho, tearfully tells him to never order her around again. But it’s not him – it’s Sang Hyo! She’s just as confused as Soo Ah on why she ended up in that room too. Looks like the boys will be sleeping in the tent together tonight!

Ki Ho is at a loss at what to do with her, especially since Soo Ah is so used to an expensive lifestyle. He’s afraid love is not going to be enough to keep her by his side, and Hae Young tells him to try his best. It’s cool how these two can be so civil without any hard feelings. After all, one sincerely loved Soo Ah and the other didn’t, and they know it.

Sang Hyo on the other hand has no interest in pillow talk with Soo Ah, especially since she ends up sleeping on the floor. Soo Ah talks about how perfect Hae Young is, and how surprised at herself she is that she loves Ki Ho and not Hae Young. If only she had fallen in love with Hae Young, everyone around them would have been happier. Sang Hyo softens up, pitying Soo Ah because of the expectations placed on her just because she’s from a rich family. But every time Sang Hyo starts to pity Soo Ah, Soo Ah comes back with some biting comments about how inferior Ki Ho and Sang Hyo are to her status. “Oh poor me for being rich” is pretty much what Soo Ah is saying, and Sang Hyo starts snoring so she doesn’t have to talk to her anymore. Hahaha.

It’s even funnier when Soo Ah actually falls asleep and snores! And then Sang Hyo can’t sleep a wink!

The following morning, Soo Ah is all in a tizzy trying to figure out what dress to wear. She’s jealous that Sang Hyo can wear anything she wants (including ripped jeans) because she’s confident enough that she’ll look good in anything. Master of backhanded compliments this girl is. So when Hae Young arrives, Sang Hyo’s in a bad mood and leaves the two behind. Even though Soo Ah is no longer interested in Hae Young, she still acts like she can order him around. I almost wish he’d slap her, but Hae Young gets around Soo Ah by giving her a shiny new credit card. She can use it however she wants as long as she gets out of the room. Soo Ah nods earnestly – she’ll do anything now that she has money!

Sang Hyo walks down to the lobby and is greeted by a hotel staff. He hands her the card that Sung Gyeom wrote congratulating Hae Young and Soo Ah, and then points out that Sung Gyeom is there too. Sang Hyo freaks out and ducks behind the receptionist’s counter, just in time before Sung Gyeom sees her. It’s a good thing he doesn’t have much interest in meeting Soo Ah or Hae Young, so he just goes off on his merry way back to Seoul. Another close call!

Meanwhile Geum Bo reviews the various facts about the case. Somehow, Hwang, Young Mi, and Sung Gyeom are all connected and Detective Lee thinks they’re all in a love triangle! Detective Lee is convinced Sung Gyeom killed them both and is amazed at his own brilliance, while Geum Bo only shakes his head at Detective Lee’s idiocy.

He then goes to look over the CCTV footage and discovers that someone erased 51 minutes of footage from the time when Young Mi enters the suite to after the killer leaves. Geum Bo questions Manager Cha, who then explains that based on their process in archiving footage, someone must have erased the footage in the security room. Technically only the security guards are in the room but anyone can come in. Manager Cha gives everyone on his team an alibi by explaining that because of Sang Hyo’s sudden nuptials everyone was in chaos and the entire security team was out escorting Soo Ah’s guests out of the hotel.

As Geum Bo leaves the hotel, one of the male staff members whispers that he knows who the killer is. They talk outside the hotel, and the staff member wants Geum Bo to promise he’ll never reveal his source if he catches the killer. He then says who he suspects: Yeo Eun Joo. The same PR Manager who is currently giving the reporters a tour of Sang Hyo and Hae Young’s suite where they spent their first night together. Why does he suspect her? Because he heard Eun Joo once threaten to kill Young Mi if she didn’t let go of her.

The reporters want to see the bathroom too, and Eun Joo braces herself from the bad memories before opening the doors for them. The bathroom is all clean, and free of all evidence of a crime scene.


Geum Bo isn’t quite sure how to take the staff member’s revelation, but he gets a call from Detective Lee that they found fingerprints on the candlestick matching… Eun Joo! Well, now he’s gonna have to talk to her.

Back at the resort, Sang Hyo watches from afar as Sung Gyeom gets into his car and leaves. She feels terrible that he’s going to have to find out about her marriage the bad way – through others. Just then Hae Young scares her by grabbing her shoulders. She lashes out at him again, blaming him for everything (though he doesn’t know why). Well, if the marriage isn’t a reason for their break-up, then we can also blame Sung Gyeom for accidentally leaving the heart-shaped stone in his hotel room after signing the card. (Further proof that the couple won’t get together!)

Hae Young chases Sang Hyo down the road from their resort and tries to find out what’s wrong. She is still resentful that he didn’t cancel the wedding, but before he can defend himself Soo Ah appears. She left her cellphone at the resort, so she came back. Seeing Sang Hyo, she orders Sang Hyo to go pick it up. Hae Young offers to get it himself so that Sang Hyo won’t have to deal with such arrogance.

Soo Ah feels kind of bad that she broke the heart of such a thoughtful man. HAH. I SCOFF at her self-centeredness. Soo Ah then gossips about what she heard of Hae Young’s first wife: that she was a piece of work who didn’t own anything and was really easy with men. Sang Hyo is shocked – did Hae Young tell her this?


Soo Ah just keeps on going on and on, and it makes Sang Hyo sooooo angry that when Hae Young returns with Soo Ah’s phone, she runs up to him and punches him square in the jaw. Hae Young and Soo Ah are both shocked at why she punched him (no one has put two and two together yet…), and Sang Hyo doesn’t care. She turns to leave – only to come face to face with Sung Gyeom, who wonders what she’s doing here.

Oh. Crap. Caught between two men, past and present. What’s a girl to do!?


This drama is pretty good with the fake-outs. One thing seems real, but it isn’t. You think two people will meet, but they don’t. There are a lot of close calls in this drama, and while it can be frustrating I don’t mind it very much because Hae Young or Sang Hyo’s immediate emotional need is usually more dominant in the scene. As much as I like Sung Gyeom, I’m not so attached to him that I want him to find out everything right away.

As for the biggest revelation that Eun Joo killed Young Mi, I’m really interested to see how it gets explained. It means that Eun Joo was not present during the entire wedding ceremony, and would explain why Eun Joo didn’t tell anyone to go find Young Mi during picture-taking time. It would also mean that she’s the one who confronted Young Mi about the necklace. But I wonder if it’s good to vilify Eun Joo in this way because now she’s someone who’s in league with Hwang, Manager Lee, and Sung Gyeom in some nefarious way. She was someone I had hoped would be the shallowly evil side character, the one whose extent of wrongdoing would be sabotaging Sang Hyo and Sung Gyeom’s romance. Murder just sinks her deeper into the mystery of Secret Hotel’s past.


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