My Secret Hotel: Episode 9 Recap


The episode where the truth comes out! Both Soo Ah and Sung Gyeom are now aware of Hae Young and Sang Hyo’s past and present relationship, and we also find out what made this OTP split up seven years ago. Sometimes a little maturity and more communication can go a long way in saving a marriage.

Sang Hyo is all fired up, but now she’s going to have to explain her situation to Sung Gyeom when he catches her with Hae Young. Soo Ah tries to ease the tension at the scene, but Sung Gyeom asks the important question point blank: what is Sang Hyo doing here during Hae Young and Soo Ah’s honeymoon?

Hae Young practically tells the truth (“We got married and are on our honeymoon”) but Sung Gyeom misunderstands the “we” part. So right before Soo Ah can clarify Sang Hyo interrupts. She wants to tell him herself privately. Of course then Hae Young pulls out the ‘wrist grab move’ to stop her, but Sang Hyo begs him to at least give her the chance to tell Sung Gyeom herself. Soo Ah: “Let her go, oppa. She needs to clean up the mess she created.”

Seriously, Soo Ah with all the frustrating one-liners! But at least she is rendered speechless when she learns that Hae Young really wanted to marry Sang Hyo, and that Sang Hyo is his ex-wife. Soo Ah is shocked: was he two-timing her the whole time? Oh my God, speak for yourself woman!!!!

They don’t realize that Ki Ho is actually watching from a distance, and he’s feeling the pressure of having a girl who’s out of his league. Oh no, don’t you start feeling guilty, mister! (Freaking) Ki Ho ends up calling Soo Ah’s mother to presumably tell her where her daughter is. And then sells her out for money. Goodness.

Sang Hyo is really embarrassed to tell Sung Gyeom, but before she can spit it out one of the hotel staffers greets Sung Gyeom to see if he needs any help – the very same hotel staffer who knows Sang Hyo as Hae Young’s wife! She tries to hide her face from him, especially when Sung Gyeom introduces her as his girlfriend. The staffer then says that the chairman of the hotel coalition happens to be around so Sung Gyeom should go say hi. And of course Sung Gyeom decides to bring Sang Hyo along because, hey why not? She’s his girlfriend!

Back at Secret Hotel, Geum Bo takes Eun Joo aside for a little chat. They found her fingerprints on the murder weapon, and Eun Joo claims that she had dropped the candlestick at the sight of seeing Young Mi and put it back in its place. (Why was she even holding it?) She eventually reveals that she had witnessed Young Mi blackmailing Soo Ah. Eun Joo wouldn’t let Young Mi get away with threatening a client, so she demanded that Young Mi hand over the pictures. Eun Joo even threatened to fire her, but Young Mi would never let go of those pictures even if Eun Joo killed her. That was the incriminating portion of their chat.

Now that Eun Joo has revealed the truth, does Geum Bo still think she killed Young Mi? Geum Bo shakes his head: he never thought she was the killer! She was at the wedding hall the entire time when Young Mi was getting killed, so there’s no way she did it. Eun Joo’s annoyed that he got more secrets out of her in the name of “doing an investigation,” but she’s even more annoyed that he keeps winking. “It doesn’t suit you!” she screams and then storms out of the office.

HAHAHAHA! It doesn’t, but that wink has really grown on me… Is it bad that I still like it?

Sang Hyo never gets to have her talk with Sung Gyeom because of their tea time with the chairman and his wife. The hotel staffer keeps sneaking peeks at Sang Hyo, wondering why she looks familiar, and when he bumps into Hae Young his confusion intensifies. To his credit, he says nothing to both men. Wondering why the hotel staffer is acting so weird, Hae Young checks out the cafe to find Sang Hyo laughing and chit-chatting. Instead of storming inside, he decides to send her text. She has to come out by the count of three. Confused as to where he’d be, she doesn’t move or do anything, and so Hae Young barges in yelling her name!

Sung Gyeom points out that he’s being rude, but Hae Young doesn’t care. He needs time alone with his wife for his honeymoon – and yes, Sang Hyo is the bride he married two days ago. EEEEEP! And to think Sung Gyeom just told the hotel chairman and a bunch of others that he wanted to marry her, his girlfriend.

Sang Hyo apologizes for not being have been able to tell him earlier, but then suddenly Soo Ah comes bursting into the cafe and hugs Hae Young. She’s crying because she just found a note from Ki Ho that he’s leaving her, and now she’s left alone because Hae Young’s married someone else!

Oh this life is a comedy. OH WHAT A COMEDY. And on top of that Soo Ah faints in his arms!

Detective Lee manages to find a new lead: he was able to get in contact with Park Jung Sook, Sung Gyeom’s mother and found out that Sung Gyeom’s father died in the same hotel 30 years ago. Now Detective Lee is more convinced that the killer is Sung Gyeom. Hwang must have been interested in Jung Sook, and when Sung Gyeom found out he killed Hwang. And then he killed Young Mi because she didn’t like him back.

Geum Bo smacks Detective Lee for his implausible theory and sends him out to find out how Sung Gyeom’s father died. Turns out Detective Lee already knows – Mr. Jo was completely drunk that night and fell to his death. But Geum Bo suspects (correctly) that something is fishy about the death and that’s what Hwang wanted to tell Jung Sook and Sung Gyeom.

Sung Gyeom is still reeling from shock that Sang Hyo ended up marrying Hae Young after she explains what happened. He rightfully is angry and hurt that she didn’t think of him at all when she made that decision. Meanwhile, Hae Young has taken Soo Ah back to the room for the night. He sees Ki Ho’s note and it makes him wonder what will happen between him and Sang Hyo – will they end up breaking up like Ki Ho and Soo Ah?

Sung Gyeom wants Sang Hyo to move into his room for the night because he can’t bear the thought of Sang Hyo sharing a room with Hae Young. Of course Hae Young doesn’t like the sound of it but tough for him; if she hadn’t married him Sang Hyo would have been able to start over properly with Sung Gyeom. But Hae Young won’t let her go…

Instead, he ends up going to Sung Gyeom’s room with his things. Sung Gyeom dislikes the fact that Hae Young acts like he really married Sang Hyo, but that’s exactly how Hae Young sees it. The first time they were mutually madly in love. The second time Hae Young has a plan to make the woman come back to him.

Sung Gyeom laughs right to his face. He’s sure that Hae Young will fail the second time around because he’s now Sang Hyo’s boyfriend. I wouldn’t be so confident mister… Sang Hyo has always hesitated before giving you a straight answer about whether you’re a couple or not.

When it comes time to choosing beds, Hae Young graciously lets Sung Gyeom pick. But when Sung Gyeom picks the bed by the window, he immediately sits down to claim it, causing Sung Gyeom to sit on his lap! Sung Gyeom: “I can now see why it didn’t work out with Sang Hyo…”

Meanwhile Gi Chul texts Manager Cha that he knows who the killer is. The two meet at a small bar and Gi Chul gets right to the point: did Manager Cha kill Young Mi too? When he heard that Hae Young’s wallet was found under Hwang’s body, he knew that Manager killed Hwang.

A flashback reveals that Gi Chul was a natural pickpocket. He had purposely bumped into Hae Young to steal his wallet just for extra cash, and Manager Cha had caught him. He confronted Gi Chul about it as a superior, and decided to give Gi Chul a free pass (meaning, not get fired). He took the wallet himself and said he’d return it to Hae Young, but since that wasn’t the case, Gi Chul makes the assumption that Cha dropped it while killing Hwang.

Cha doesn’t deny nor affirm the allegation because he has no interest in sharing details with Gi Chul. He doesn’t fear getting reported to the police because Gi Chul would first have to admit he’s the pickpocket, and then after that the presence of the wallet there doesn’t prove Cha was the killer. So in the end Gi Chul would only be hurting himself.

Then we get a really nice, somewhat gratuitous brooding shower scene with Sung Gyeom because… because no reason.

When Sung Gyeom comes out with only a towel around his waist, Hae Young is suddenly embarrassed of his own body. His rival’s got a better six-pack than he does! What an unlucky guy – his wedding night was spent with a corpse, his first night was with Ki Ho, and his second night was with Sung Gyeom. Hae Young may lose in the exercise department, but he is taller.

As for the girls, Sang Hyo tries to comfort the crying Soo Ah by telling her that she has a bath drawn for her. That’s awfully nice, and for once Soo Ah has nothing mean to say. Nevertheless Sang Hyo sleeps on the floor while Soo Ah gets the bed.

Soo Ah once again wants to talk, but Sang Hyo pretends she’s asleep. She wonders if Ki Ho would ever come back if she waits for him, and can’t even bear the possibility that he won’t. Sang Hyo tells her to move on. Speaking from experience though, it’s possible they’ll see each other again in say, seven years? But she advises that Soo Ah do her best to forget Ki Ho because it’ll be better in the long run. Curious, Soo Ah asks why Sang Hyo split from Hae Young in the first place. Sang Hyo: “Hae Young left me without a word.”

A flashback to their first marriage while they lived in Las Vegas reveals that Sang Hyo came home one night and noticed something was off. All of his things were gone, and she sees a plane ticket on the table for her from Las Vegas to New York, and a note with an address in New York. Hae Young never came home that night, and she barely moved from her spot on the floor just waiting for him. She eventually fainted, and was saved when her landlord and coworker came to check in on her.

By the time Sang Hyo finishes her story, Soo Ah has finally fallen asleep.

Business as usual at Secret Hotel, and Eun Joo checks in with Kyung Hee: the wedding hall is booked until next May! Kyung Hee then reveals that this weekend on September 27, an actress named Lee Young Eun will be getting married! Eun Joo says, “You mean the really pretty, big-eyed, kind and amazing actress?!” KEKEKE. I love that they inserted a little side joke there about Lee Young Eun’s actual upcoming nuptials this weekend. Too cute.

Eun Joo’s super excited, which makes Kyung Hee say, “You’re so excited you’re acting as if this was your own wedding.” Oh you.

When Hae Young wakes up he finds his room empty. He quickly goes looking for Sung Gyeom, only to find him having breakfast with Soo Ah and Sang Hyo. Hae Young quickly joins them at the table, jealous that they’re all having fun without him. He asks if Soo Ah’s feeling better, and she is because she’s now going to listen to Sang Hyo-unni’s advice. (Heh. Unni…) She will immediately forget about Ki Ho because there is no reason to wait for someone who leaves you. Well isn’t that a pointed remark at Hae Young’s past!

Hae Young reminds Soo Ah that they must have had good times in the past, so why forget him all of a sudden? Ki Ho should be given another chance! Does she not feel any loyalty? He could still come back.

Soo Ah asks why he’d leave in the first place then. Looking at Sang Hyo, Hae Young replies, “Maybe something really important came up.” Sung Gyeom jumps in, “What could be so important that you’d leave the woman you love behind?” Hae Young doesn’t like how his ex-fiancee and love rival are ganging up on him, but he has no time to battle with them further. He and Sang Hyo have to do their post-honeymoon interview with the press, which Eun Joo had so kindly arranged for them.

To the press, Sang Hyo smoothly says that the honeymoon was very “special,” and when Hae Young puts on a grumpy face she takes the opportunity to squeeze his cheeks – just like what he’d done to her just several days prior. Yay for revenge! Soo Ah and Sung Gyeom watch from afar, and Soo Ah wonders if they really don’t have feelings for each other left. Sung Gyeom’s wondering the same thing, so he distracts himself by getting the car ready.

Sang Hyo wants to leave in Sung Gyeom’s car. Now that the wedding, honeymoon, and interviews are over they can go back to their regular lives. After all, she went through with the wedding for the hotel and he did it to save face. Hae Young denies that: he did it out of genuine feelings for her. Sadly Sang Hyo doesn’t believe him. They were over seven years ago the moment he left her.

Hae Young’s like, “WHAT?!” She claims to remember exactly how he left her, and because of it she won’t ever trust him again. This is news to Hae Young because he did not “leave her” as she claims. He gave her a freaking plane ticket!

Soo Ah ends up riding back in Hae Young’s car, and she feels so awkward she can’t even pop open a can of soda properly. Frustrated with the tense silence, she asks why he left Sang Hyo anyways. He shouldn’t have done that, and if he had to leave, he should have said goodbye face to face.

Flashback for his side of the story, and we find out that Shi Chan is begging him to come back to New York. Apparently Hae Young has to come back to help complete their project. When he brings up the topic to Sang Hyo, she says no. She doesn’t want to leave Las Vegas because the city has the best hotels and the best opportunities for her career. The two of them are unwilling to sacrifice their careers for each other, even though Hae Young has already postponed his project for two months waiting for her to come round. Sang Hyo: “I never forced you to stay!”

Ah, this is definitely the missing piece we needed.

Hae Young doesn’t want to fight anymore, but he has no ideas for a solution other than for her to come and start over in New York hotels. Or else, they’re just going to have to split up. Sang Hyo doesn’t reply, unable to make a decision too.

Given some time to think about the past, Hae Young now understands that it’s just like Sang Hyo to get married for the sake of the hotel. And the fact that she removes the wedding ring while in the car indicates that she really does see it as a business deal.

Hae Young finally reaches Soo Ah’s house, and she begs him to come inside with her because she fears getting beat up by her mother. Hae Young: “Get beat up if you deserve it. Your mom won’t kill you anyway.” Comforting words!

Suddenly her mother appears at the gate. She only has kind, concerned words for her daughter in front of Hae Young. As soon as he leaves, she grabs her daughter by the ear and drags her into the house. Hah I knew it!

Her mother screams at her for having chosen a guy who was easily bought off with $300,000. Soo Ah yells back, “Why didn’t you give him more?!” Apparently Ki Ho is in a tough financial situation, and Soo Ah still sympathizes with him even though he left her. He also hasn’t left the estate, as he watches Soo Ah get yelled at by her mother from his small house in the distance. Heartbroken, Ki Ho can barely contain the tears as he collapses on the ground and cries.

Hae Young returns to the office to find that everyone has left for the day already; the fact that the boss is gone means that they can go out and play with the company card! He then calls up Shi Chan and asks where he is. Shi Chan lies that he’s at the office, when in fact Hae Young’s already found all of them hanging out at a bar! He interrupts the little party right as Shi Chan assures him that he’ll take care of everything at the office. Kekeke. The rest of the coworkers all start blaming Shi Chan for forcing them all to come out, and then hurry back to the office because that’s what they wanted to do in the first place: work!

So now it’s just Shi Chan and Hae Young, and Hae Young is really hating on Shi Chan right now. He hates him for calling him that day seven years ago begging him to go back to New York. It ruined everything for him, and now he has no idea what to do. Poor guy ends up crying in front of his friend.

As for the other couple, Sung Gyeom drops Sang Hyo off at her home and admits that he’s still pretty down after what happened the past few days. He wants his “battery recharged,” and by that he means kissing Sang Hyo. She stiffens up in shock. But then, she accepts the kiss and relaxes.

So, is this really the end for Sang Hyo and Hae Young?


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