Roommate Update: Shin Sung Woo Latest to Call it Quits

czawyq Well, this is the saddest I’ve been since Park Bom left the show (and started the streak, apparently). On the heels of Lee So Ra and Song Ga Yeon‘s departures, Shin Umma announced on his Twitter today that he will be leaving Roommate because the show no longer represents the concept that he signed on for. Full translation after the cut.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.19.54 AM Sung Woo posted the messages above in English, and followed with a series of tweets in Korean, translated here:

“I’m leaving the Roommate family. The reason why I decided to join Roommate was to communicate better with younger entertainers and the public, while filling the empty spots of my life at the same time. However, as I see my family members leaving one by one, I’ve come to realize that it’s time for me to leave too. I remain supportive to the new family members who will move into Sungbook-dong, and my heart will always be with my brothers and sisters who first left the house. I ask you for your continued support for the show, and please show much love to everything who’s still there! What I wanted from the beginning was the Roommate that had the same family members. The show has been going into the opposite direction of my wish. But I really hope that all of you will continue to love the new roommates. I’ve been happy on the show. I promise you to show the new sides of Shin Sung Woo in the future! Promise!”

It seems like Ga Yeon and So Ra’s exits won’t be televised, and obviously neither was Bom’s. I wonder if Sung Woo’s departure will be the same too. But who will cook for them all now? =( The producers have also announced that the episode airing on September 14 will mark the end of a retroactively designated ‘season 1’, and the next week will commence season 2, presumably with some new cast members and a new format.

The show’s low ratings are hardly anything new, but I do think it has potential and I hope the producers can use turn this into an opportunity for a fresh start. There’s definitely something about this show that audiences connect to – it’s just a matter of honing in on whatever that is and drawing out the best of it for viewers. I thought that something was the growing bond between all of the cast, but guess that’s going to change a bit with all these comings and goings. Let’s stay tuned and see…

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