Running Man: Episode 208

Suzy is always a favorite of the Running Man cast members, so understandably they are pretty excited when she joins as the sole guest on episode 208 as the ‘Hallyu Rabbit’.

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The members are all dispersed at the beginning of the show, and given a choice between Team Hallyu Rabbit and Team Hallyu Giraffe. Three guesses as to who the giraffe is! Of course, it’s our very own Kwang Soo. All the members but Jae Suk go for the Hallyu Rabbit, who of course is miss A’s Bae Suzy, so the teams start at the extremely uneven 6 vs. 2. Wonder what the PDs have in store…

Today, Kwang Soo and Suzy are to be their teams’ respective Hallyu stars, and their team members are their fan club. Nice Hawaiian shirts. Their first task is to make their way, via public transportation, to the park where their mission will take place. Kwang Soo and Jae Suk arrive to the park first. The producers inform them that the mission will be to take clear photos of each of the members of the other team. While they get the advantage of hiding first, they also have more members to photograph, and Suzy’s team will have an easier time getting two photos to their six.

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I first picture this mission to be all about stealth and hiding in the trees, but it quickly dissolves to chaos, as the members catch up to each other and have to alternately hide their faces and seize chances to go after the other team. Jae Suk and Kwang Soo initially plan to hide out near the entrance and catch the other team unawares, but they’re found out right away. After that, it’s not too difficult for the other team to get their photos. As the winning team’s captain, Suzy gets to enact a switch up of her choosing in the team lineups. She elects to send Suk Jin to the other team, much to his chagrin. It’s definitely not the Team JSJ episode anymore!


The next mission takes place in the weight room. Once again, the smaller team has a disadvantage when the challenge is to see which team can hula hoop for the longest period of time while hanging from an overhead bar (is that what those are called?). Team Hallyu Giraffe surprisingly does pretty well, and Jae Suk could have kept going if he hadn’t dissolved into giggles at his teammates’ chant. They ultimately win the mission and get to make one switch in the teams’ line ups. After not much debate at all, they call Haha over to their team.

The next mission takes them to SBS HQ, a building that Running Man fans are very familiar with by now. Their goal is for each member to find a box with clay hidden somewhere in the building, bring it back outside, and imprint their hands in the clay before the other team can. Kwang Soo finds one soon after entering the building, but is spotted immediately by the other team. Jong Kook wrestles the box from Kwang Soo and becomes the first to finish the mission. Kwang Soo gets his second box stolen right after that as Gary sneaks up on him as he’s exiting the building. Haha plays it cooler and makes it to his home base with his box.

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Suk Jin sneaks up on Suzy inside the building just after she’s found a box. Ji Hyo is almost able to help her get away, but Suk Jin snags the box and makes it to the finish line. Kwang Soo has miraculously finds a third box, only to have Ji Hyo hot on his tail right away. Jae Suk, having found his own box, ignores Kwang Soo’s cries for help and heads to the finish line. Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo resort to chomping on each other to try to get a hold of the precious box. Ace Ji Hyo wins the scuffle, and Kwang Soo loses his third box. Team Hallyu Rabbit gets the win, and Suzy invites Suk Jin back to her team. The other members are dumbfounded. Seems like she feels bad for sending him away earlier.

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And for the final mission, a Running Man classic: bells and nametags! Yes! I’ve been missing the nametags for the past few months. The teams will take turns being the chaser and the chased, and the team that ousts all of the opposing members the fastest will win. Team Hallyu Giraffe now consists of Kwang Soo, Jae Suk, and Haha, and they’ll have a lot of ground to cover to stand a chance against the other team. They are the first team to go on the hunt with bells tied to their shoes. And in a classic start to a classic game, Suk Jin is the first member to be ousted. Race start!

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Ji Hyo is the next Team Hallyu Rabbit member to be ousted. Next, Team Hallyu Giraffe sets their sights on Kookie, who is intimidating even when he’s being cornered by three people. But the three hunters eventually muster up the organization to get him in the end. Suzy is discovered shortly after that, then only Gary is left. Haha finds him in a bathroom stall, and with Gary’s ousting, Team Hallyu Giraffe has completed their mission.

Team Hallyu Rabbit is eager to make quick work of the other three when it’s their turn to hunt. Haha is the first victim. Suzy finds the frightened Kwang Soo and Jae Suk and alerts the rest of the team when she can’t eliminate them herself. The Running Man members are awfully good at this game by now, and the dispense with Jae Suk with very sharp efficiency. Kwang Soo has managed to escape for now, and it’s all up to him to evade the team for as long as he can. He hides himself away in a storage room, much to Gary’s amusement when he finds him. Kwang Soo manages to give him the slip and makes a latch ditch attempt to hide in a banquet room. Suzy finds him at last, and they call Jong Kook over to finish the job. Suzy does the honors, and with that Team Hallyu Rabbit finishes their mission.

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Team Hallyu Rabbit wins with a final time of 14 minutes, 16 seconds, to Team Hallyu Giraffe’s 19 minutes, 8 seconds. Team captain Suzy walks away from this episode with a gold trophy, and that’s a wrap for this 208th episode.

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