My Secret Hotel: Episode 5 Recap


Finally I can catch up with this drama, woohoo! And I’m so happy that another wonderful song from their OST has come out!

“Lost in Love” by Neon Bunny [download]

Hae Young’s gotta admit – he’s pretty disappointed that Sang Hyo only came to see him to offer to prepare his wedding again. And that she no longer has any feelings for him. Lies, I say! Lies! Hae Young doesn’t want her to do it. Like he said before, he doesn’t want to ever see her again.

Pffffftttttttt. As he drives home he has to convince himself that he made the right decision, especially since she says she has no feelings for him. But feelings she does! While taking a cab she sobs while shouting, “That bastard! That jerk!” Ok, so she just has angry feelings for him. In any case she stalks him all the way to his home, having remembered his address from the wedding paperwork, and begs him again to let her plan his wedding.

Hae Young’s really annoyed now. “Do I look easy to you?” he demands. Sang Hyo nods: “You’re easy. Easier than Soo Ah.” Haha, that’s not exactly what he meant, so her reply takes him aback. Nevertheless, he won’t let her plan the wedding. He doesn’t care if the hotel staff – especially Jo Sung Gyeom – suffer from the fallout of the scandal, leaving Sang Hyo to cry out in frustration and curse his wedding day. But she’s pretty persistent. She follows him all the way up to his apartment, engages in a little tug-of-war to keep his apartment door open, and begs him to let her be the wedding planner again.

Hae Young finally gets to close the door on her, but suddenly his doorbell won’t stop ringing. It gets so irritating that he finally opens the door, yelling at Sang Hyo to leave him alone, only to find Soo Ah there! He lets her in, and once the door closes Sang Hyo reappears from around the corner of the hallway. Guess she never left at all. She overhears Soo Ah shrieking, “Stop, oppa!” Sang Hyo leaves, thinking that the two of them are going at it like rabbits. In reality, Hae Young is just calling Soo Ah’s mother to let her know she’s at his place, and will send her home with her driver Mr. Kim. Looks like Hae Young doesn’t want her staying over at all.

Hilariously though, Soo Ah thinks it’s because he has erectile dysfunction and that’s why he doesn’t want to sleep with her.

He sends her off with Mr. Kim, and as soon as he closes the gate to his complex he checks the street warily to make sure Sang Hyo really is gone. He even checks his hallway several times with a look of hope mixed with paranoia that she’s around, waiting to pounce. Sadly, Sang Hyo really is home, crying.

Late that same night in the precinct, Geum Bo muses over the information that Hae Young gave him. Who could “your son” be referring to? Detective Lee comes back with info that Hwang had called a number in New York the night before he died, except that number is no longer in service.

Sung Gyeom finds one of his father’s former employees, who now works as a sushi chef. Providing a gift of money, he asks for information about his father’s death. The employee says that there used to be a railing on the second floor lobby, and that Jo Min Tae had fallen to his death from there accidentally. However because he was so successful with the business he also had a lot of enemies on the inside. Therefore it wasn’t much of a stretch for the employees to think that it was really murder.

The following morning Hae Young leaves his house cautiously, checking every corner for any sign of Sang Hyo. He even checks around his car, afraid that she’ll pop up in one of her “disguises” like before. But she’s not around. He straps himself into his car, and then suddenly sees visions of Sang Hyo in her various disguises getting into his car. Aw. He clearly misses her, even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

Sang Hyo considers handing in her resignation letter, as she can’t possibly get the Soo Ah-Hae Young account again. Her coworkers arrive after her, and are disappointed to hear that she didn’t succeed. But Young Mi isn’t worried too much. She’s more concerned about her name-brand bag that she picked up at Hong Kong. Gi Chul doesn’t believe her at all, knowing that she comes from a poor family, so when they start bickering about how real her bag is, it becomes suspicious as to who might just be Young Mi’s benefactor. Just then Geum Bo arrives with two coffees in hand for a little chit chat with Kyung Hee.

Sang Hyo debates on whether or not she should go into Sung Gyeom’s office, peeking through the door’s cracks. When he shows up behind her, she screams and jumps so loudly that she gets embarrassed and runs away, forgetting what she was there for. Unfortunately during the jumping-in-fright she drops her resignation letter right outside his office. Sang Hyo heads off to the garden where she finds Manager Lee sitting alone. The two have such a good relationship, seeing each other as a surrogate father and daughter. He knows that she’s having a hard time with the wedding scandal but believes that she can do anything, whether she resolves the matter or not.

Strengthened by his words, Sang Hyo finds that she can no longer just resign. It’s only then that she realizes she doesn’t have the letter. Sung Gyeom approaches with the letter in hand but stops in his tracks when he sees Sang Hyo talking with Manager Lee. He’s not sure how to take seeing his favorite employee talking to the man who might be his father’s killer.

While questioned, Kyung Hee admits that she lied about where she was Hwang died. She reveals that her father died when she was very young, and her mother passed away when she was in junior high from cancer. Now she has the same cancer as her mother, and she chose to go back to the hotel where she worked at for 22 years rather than an empty home. She asks Geum Bo, who’s tearing up over her story, to not tell anyone just yet. He doesn’t have much time to stay sad though because Detective Lee bursts in, believing he’s got Hwang’s killer.

The receptionist at the front desk tells Geum Bo about the poker players who barged in to the hotel looking for Hwang. Those very same poker players are currently hiding out in a small apartment. They blame the player with the stabbed hand for bringing them to the hotel that day and causing their current fugitive-like state. So, did they actually kill Hwang then?

At work, Hae Young confronts Jung Eun for her sensational and troublesome article. She’s totally unrepentant of course, which makes him leave for the bathroom to cool off his anger. While away, his phone rings with Kakao messages from Soo Ah. Jung Eun has no sense of boundaries and reads his messages. Soo Ah says that she wants him to get treated and that they’ll have to do a complete physical. No matter how sick he is, she’ll never leave his side.

Reading these messages out loud, the rest of Hae Young’s employees inch closer and closer as they listen to Soo Ah’s messages. They grow increasingly worried with every message – does Hae Young have a terminal disease? But then Soo Ah says that she made an appointment for Hae Young with a urologist. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh man everyone’s reactions are priceless as they end up being let down by the buildup and laughing at their boss’ impotence. Jung Eun looks legitimately depressed at the news though! I’m hoping she doesn’t use it as fodder for her articles again.

Hae Young returns and asks why everyone’s all laughing and joking together. Immediately they all disperse (heh) and Jung Eun hands him back his phone. “I think I can forget about you now,” she says miserably. HAHA. Hae Young is so thankful for this… until he reads Soo Ah’s messages and realizes that everyone in his office now knows of his supposed impotence.

Soo Ah is currently at a nail salon getting her pedicure, where Sang Hyo is too, trying to beg her to consider Secret Hotel again for her wedding. Soo Ah ignores her completely, answering a call from a very angry Hae Young instead; she’s made reservations at an eel restaurant to help him “there.” Kekeke. Clearly Soo Ah is going to show off her superiority around Sang Hyo though as she makes the poor girl put on her shoes post-pedicure and carry all of her purchases when she goes shopping. Her tenaciousness finally breaks down Soo Ah, who agrees to listen to her for an hour to see what her wedding proposal will be. In return, she wants Sang Hyo to get on her knees and apologize now.

Wow, this woman can be such a spoiled brat!

Throwing away her pride, Sang Hyo does kneel down, which causes a crowd to gather at the mall, and apologizes. Soo Ah then decides that she can’t come and listen to Sang Hyo’s proposal anymore. That bitch! Just then Hae Young arrives to meet Soo Ah for dinner. When he sees what’s going on, he is so pissed with Soo Ah. He tells Sang Hyo to get up, and when she doesn’t he raises his voice, scaring his own fiancee. She still doesn’t, so Hae Young pulls her up to her feet and tells her to never kneel anywhere. And then he takes Sang Hyo’s wrist and leads her out of there. In front of his fiancee! Well now, who looks like the fool now?! And just then Mr. Kim arrives to tell her she’ll be late for her dinner reservation.

I don’t know how he takes it, but he must be so used to her as he picks up all of her bags and follows without a look of hurt on his face.

Hae Young drives Sang Hyo far and away from the mall, letting her cry in silence. He cares about her so much, especially as we flashback to right after their wedding where the two of them drive off in the desert, looking at each other and embracing so lovingly. He finally stops the car and waits outside, telling her to cry as much as she wants. Only then does she really let it all out.

Flashback to seven years ago, and this time they’re married. Hae Young wants to surprise Sang Hyo at work, only to find her being harassed by a drunk foreigner who wants to “buy her” for the night. Hae Young punches the guy and drags Sang Hyo out of there. At home, he orders her to quit. She doesn’t want to because it’s her dream to be a hotelier. Besides it’s not like she gets harassed every day; it’s a rare occurrence. Hae Young doesn’t want her having to bow down to sick pigs like that man though, and even says he’ll give her the money instead. Sang Hyo: “So your work is important but not mine?” Hae Young: “That kind of work is not important. Work in a decent field instead!” Ouch…

He starts knocking things over in the house, and it becomes clear that this kind of misunderstanding and bad communication is part of what broke them apart. That memory comes back because he just told her to stop kneeling to anyone anywhere. Poor Sang Hyo. Though she’s come a long way in her career, she has just found herself kneeling down and throwing away the pride Hae Young told her to protect so many years ago.

Meanwhile Sung Gyeom tries to resolve the wedding problem by meeting with Soo Ah’s father first. He apparently has equity in the hotel, but doesn’t want to take part in the wedding decision-making. When Soo Ah arrives late to find Sung Gyeom waiting for her though, she lights up. Might not be too hard to convince them to hold the wedding at Secret Hotel after all! With Sung Gyeom’s deft touch, he gets Soo Ah to consider having her wedding at Secret Hotel again.

It’s already dark when Sang Hyo is finally calm enough to get out of the car. She thanks him for letting her cry so much, and then heads home. He offers to drive her home but she doesn’t need it. Hae Young then grabs her wrist: “Please just listen to me. I’m upset, just as much as you are.” Aww… is it too much to ask if I want him to kiss her?

He drops her off, but just before she goes home he asks if she really has to go to the extent of kneeling and begging for her job. She takes offense, thinking that he still regards her job as a joke, and stomps off. Guess there’s still some resentment there…

Now Hae Young must see to the other woman in his life, Soo Ah. She thinks he came all the way to her house to apologize for leaving her at the mall like that, but instead he tells her that he wants to get married at Secret Hotel no matter what she says. Soo Ah readily agrees: “I can’t be selfish anyways. The hotel has so many mouths to feed.” GAH! And then she goes on to compliment herself for being so kind. *rolls eyes.*

The following day at work Eun Joo offers to help Sang Hyo any way she can to get the Soo Ah-Hae Young wedding account back at Secret Hotel. “You and I have a love-hate relationship,” she says. Oh man, is my sister-mance coming true? Are they going to be BFFs?! Gi Chul is checking out photos of Young Mi in Hong Kong, finally believing that she actually went abroad on her meager salary, when they hear of Sang Hyo’s failure. Young Mi isn’t surprised that Sang Hyo’s failed, and her cattiness makes me thinks she is gunning for Sang Hyo’s job.

But then! Soo Ah actually arrives! There’s hope! And Young Mi flips to a photo on her phone that has Soo Ah in the background, her arms wrapped around a man. Based on the look on her face and what we know, that man might not be Hae Young!

Eun Joo’s plan to save Secret Hotel is another wedding to replace that of Soo Ah and Hae Young’s. A wedding between her and Sung Gyeom! Wow she really has the audacity to propose to him through a proposal… He rejects it too, pointing out that there’s still the rumor of getting divorced within three months floating around. Hehe. The clincher is when Sang Hyo runs in happily announcing that Soo Ah agreed to getting married at the hotel. Now they really don’t need this second wedding plan!

Sang Hyo thanks him for his help in securing the account, and she teases that he must have helped her because he liked her. Awkward pause ensues. He then shows her the resignation letter she dropped in front of his office. What shall he do with it? He won’t let her take it back, and tells her he’ll process it after his meeting. Hah! She freaks out and begs to take it back. Fine. He’ll give it back – but only if she buys him dinner. HAHA! I love that when her hand is outstretched waiting for the letter, he just slaps it with his hand. So cute.

He gives her until he walks down to the first floor to guess what he wants for dinner. Steak? He doesn’t like western food. Bean paste stew? He likes spicy food. Kimchi-chigae? Budae-chigae? He doesn’t want to eat with rice. He reaches the last step and she finally yells, “Ramen!!!” There ya go, and we have a date! Aww so cute! Stop it, second lead syndrome. Stop it!

Young Mi stops Soo Ah at the elevator to check and see if she has the right person. She comments that she has a friend who looks exactly like her and will bring in a picture tomorrow to prove it to her. Soo Ah is puzzled but doesn’t think much of Young Mi’s words.

But Sang Hyo’s out to dinner with Sung Gyeom! He walks her home and she wonders if he only wanted to eat ramen with her because he likes her. Once again she says she’s just teasing, but Sung Gyeom’s all serious. “Do you know how long it takes to realize you’re in love?” he asks. “Three minutes. The length of time it takes to cook ramen.” And with that, he proposes that they date officially.

Kyaahhhh! Oh Sung Gyeom/Nam Goong Min, please don’t go down the path of Tae Yoon in I Need Romance 3! Stay likable, please! Even though I know I should root for Hae Young and Sang Hyo anyways because they have incredible chemistry.

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