My Secret Hotel: Episode 6 Recap


We get more insight on Hae Young and Soo Ah’s twisted relationship with each other and their first loves, while also learning more about the murder. I really love how this drama manages to balance the murder mystery with Sang Hyo’s personal life. Things that are set up in earlier episodes are starting to pay off here, and it just indicates how tightly plotted this murder mystery is.

Sung Gyeom gives Sang Hyo three minutes to answer: Will she be his girlfriend? Stunned into silence, Sang Hyo has difficulty responding and doesn’t even realize that Hae Young is calling her. With just one minute left, she tries to tell him that she was married seven years ago, but they are rudely interrupted by a driver speeding towards them. It’s Hae Young! And boy does he regret driving past them because now he inadvertently pushed Sung Gyeom and Sang Hyo closer together when he pulls Sang Hyo to safety. Haha!

In the end, Sung Gyeom assumes that he got a ‘no’ for an answer. Feeling embarrassed, he then decides to give her three days to answer and bids her good night. Sang Hyo’s still pretty pleased that her boss likes her though, but she still remembers when she fell in love in three seconds. And that was with Hae Young.

Flashback to the same restaurant Sang Hyo was working in (which I think is in the States for sure now). She accidentally spills a dish on Hae Young when she bumps into him, and both are surprised to learn that the other is Korean. They look into each other’s eyes and fall in love within three seconds. Instead of having her dry clean his clothes, Hae Young would rather spend time with her, just to talk, after her shift is over. Instead of hesitating for so long like she did with Sung Gyeom, Sang Hyo tells him when she gets off work almost right away.

And thus begins their love story.

Back in present time Hae Young sits on the steps up to Sang Hyo’s apartment, regretting driving towards them. What he doesn’t realize is Sang Hyo is on the balcony of her building, thinking of him. They’re so close to each other! And yet… so far.

The cops bust the place where the poker players are hiding out at. The one with the stabbed hand tries to run away but takes the wrong turn and meets Geum Bo’s well-timed fist. The three of them deny any wrongdoing; they only wanted to pay Hwang back for the injuries he caused but they never saw him because they were kicked out by Manager Cha. When they saw him the next day falling from the ceiling, they ran off because they knew they might get blamed for it.

Another detective has something new to show Geum Bo. Since nothing was caught on the CCTV for the day of Hwang’s death, he requested for a month’s worth of footage. That’s when he noticed that the footage from August 23 matches exactly that of July 23. Someone intentionally erased the recording of August 23 and swapped it out. Geum Bo sighs. Detective Lee is going to be sooooo disappointed that he’s not really the “elite” detective he thought he was.

The next day at work Sang Hyo is congratulated by several of the hotel staff for bringing Goo Hae Young’s wedding account back to their hotel, including Manager Lee. Meanwhile Hae Young is talked about behind his back by his coworkers as they wonder whether the urologist fixed his impotence. Jung Eun bursts in wearing a slinky black number with a slit so high she can pull off an Angelina Jolie. She wants to confirm if he really is impotent. Does he not feel anything for her as she poses provocatively, enough to make everyone in the office feel slightly embarrassed for her?

He does not. At the root of it, Hae Young is just not attracted to her. Disappointed, Jung Eun tells him she’ll really forget him. Yeah right. Shi Chan is so shocked that Hae Young didn’t feel slightly aroused that he’s now fully convinced Hae Young has issues “down there.”

Sang Hyo catches the elevator, only to end up in the same one with Sung Gyeom and Eun Joo. Sung Gyeom makes the situation even more awkward by asking if she’s given any thought to his proposal that they date. Whelp – that doesn’t go over well with Eun Joo. Sang Hyo immediately stops the elevator and runs out, pretending that she forgot something. Eun Joo chases after her, but Sang Hyo manages to evade her just in time.

She then overhears the perverted Vice General Manager making advances towards another hotel staff member and interrupts them in the office before he can take it any further. Sang Hyo can’t stand his sleazy ways and promises to assemble the ethics committee to report him. As soon as she exits his office though, Eun Joo catches her and the chase continues.

Sang Hyo bumps into Geum Bo, who’s looking for Manager Cha. She implores him to “take care of her tail” and then gives him a wink. Well now he’ll do anything she asks! He bumps into Eun Joo next and purposely delays her with questions about Manager Cha to give Sang Hyo a head start in running away. Eventually Manager Cha just appears from behind, wondering what Geum Bo has to ask him.

Every day at 8pm Manager Cha moves all the recordings for the day at the surveillance center to the archive room. Only he, Sung Gyeom, Manager Lee, and Vice General Manager have access to that room. Another surveillance employee who is under Manager Lee’s influence pipes up with a “revelation” that during the day of Hwang’s death he saw the Vice General Manager exiting from the archive room rather than the wedding hall. And so Geum Bo takes the Vice GM to the station.

Finally Eun Joo catches Sang Hyo. She wants Sang Hyo to reject Sung Gyeom’s offer to date because she likes him. Ahh… if only things were so simple. Sang Hyo refuses to tell her what choice she’ll make  and tries to walk away… only to then see Hae Young at the end of the hall. And he heard everything.

Soo Ah is also at the hotel trying on new bridal gowns with Young Mi and Kyung Hee. Young Mi comments on how extravagant Soo Ah must be to not bother reusing a wedding dress she wore only once. As soon as she and Soo Ah are alone together, she shows Soo Ah the photo of the “friend that looks like her.” Soo Ah confirms that it is her, which then leads to Young Mi taking out a bunch of enlarged printed photos of Soo Ah in Hong Kong with another man. And boy do they look cozy together. Young Mi had not realized it then, but only when she reviewed the pictures recently did she notice that she caught Soo Ah in some of her selfies.

Soo Ah freaks out and wants to know how much Young Mi wants. “For every photo,” Young Mi replies, “I want the price of your wedding gown.” Soo Ah balks, so Young Mi adds, “Aren’t you the kind of person who can afford that much?” Ooooh… sinister…

Once alone, Hae Young asks if Sang Hyo really will date Sung Gyeom. Well, she has no reason not to. Hae Young wonders if it’s because she still has feelings for him but she quickly says no. Methinks the lady doth protest too quickly… Sang Hyo didn’t want to reply to Sung Gyeom right away because she didn’t want to look easy, is all. And with that she leads Hae Young to the dressing room.

However Soo Ah’s already gone. She quickly changed out of her gown and orders Mr. Kim to get her out of there. Breaking down into tears, she blames him for everything. Clearly he’s the one who vacationed with her in Hong Kong. Now Sang Hyo will have to discuss the rest of the wedding details with Hae Young.

Young Mi hurries back to her desk and learns from Gi Chul that Vice General Manager just got arrested for Hwang’s murder. A flicker of surprise passes over her face and she covers it up with a nonchalant comment about how much she hates the perverted manager anyways. She adds that no human should live with a crime, whether it’s sexual harassment or murder. (Speak for yourself, Miss Blackmailer.) Gi Chul looks momentarily worried for a minute, but no one catches it. Sheesh – Sang Hyo’s underlings are quite the suspicious bunch.

At the station Vice General Manager insists that he did not kill Manager Hwang, but that he did switch out the tapes. It was all because Sang Hyo had caught him “patting” the hotel staff member and threatened to use the CCTV footage from the elevator as evidence against him.  After he switched it, Hwang was found dead and so he felt relieved that no one would notice what he just did. Geum Bo accepts his testimony but throws him into the jail cell until he can verify the statement.

Manager Cha updates Manager Lee about Vice GM’s arrest. It turns out well for them, but Manager Lee cautions to still be on guard until the police finish their investigation. “I thought getting rid of Hwang Dong Bae would be the end of it,” Manager Lee mutters, “but his ghost is still haunting me.” Aha! So Manager Lee did cause Hwang’s murder. We just don’t know if he actually did it or ordered someone else (Manager Cha?) to do it.

Sang Hyo and Kyung Hee show Hae Young several different concepts for the wedding’s theme but he’s uninterested. “Pick whichever you like,” he tells Sang Hyo. A little frustrated, Sang Hyo tells him to pick flowers that he likes so that they can choose the wedding theme to go along with it. It’s then that she notices Kyung Hee looking a little unwell and sends her home. The cancer’s effects are starting to take a toll on her…

Hae Young finally tells her what kind of wedding he wants, and proceeds to describe their simple, perfect elopement. Sang Hyo wipes away a tear and distracts herself with making coffee, but her hands shake too much. When she turns to give it to Hae Young, she ends up bumping into him and spilling the coffee on his shirt. Immediately they replay their first meeting seven years ago, where Hae Young asks for just an hour of her time again. Tears flowing full force, Sang Hyo runs away. But Hae Young will wait for her at the parking lot, as he has something important to tell her before the day ends and he gets married the next day.

And wait he does, except Sang Hyo ends up at Sung Gyeom’s hotel room. Tearfully, she spills out the truth. She was married seven years ago but split with him 87 days later. She fell in love at first sight, but it didn’t work out. Though she tries to run away from the past she keeps going back and thinking about it. With all these imperfections, would Sung Gyeom still date her? He gives her a small smile. He’s had his first love too, so it’s okay that she’s had a past.

But is it okay that her past is actually her present? She then reveals that Hae Young, the man she’s preparing the wedding for, is actually her ex-husband. Sung Gyeom is utterly shocked. He did not want to be played like that. How could she hide that particular truth from him like that? And in that instant he takes back what he said about waiting for her answer.

He’s… breaking up with her?!

No! Instead he says they’re dating from this moment on! And he kisses her! Oh my God what?! I’m going to guess that he realized he could lose her, so he’s taking her as his while he has the chance now. But what about Hae Young!?!?!?!

When he finally sees her in the parking lot, it’s to watch her drive away with Sung Gyeom. Noooooooooooo! She actually looks surprised, as if she didn’t think Hae Young would be there and see her leave with another man. Hae Young, go chase her!

Sung Gyeom drives her home, and thanks her for dating him. Um, it’s not like she agreed to it but okay… He hopes she can smile the next day for him so that he’ll feel like he’s helped her with her burden. Hae Young ends up drinking his woes away with Shi Chan. He asks for a favor: could Shi Chan stay with him tonight? Shi Chan nearly spits out his drink – haha! Hae Young only wants Shi Chan to stand guard and prevent him from meeting his ex again. He just got rejected, and he’s afraid he might try to push his way through her door just to tell her how he really feels.

Hae Young’s also got doubts about getting married. It turns out the only reason why he listened to his father and got engaged to Soo Ah was because his father would have refused his heart surgery if he didn’t marry. Though Shi Chan didn’t think marrying Soo Ah was a wise decision back then, he now tells Hae Young to go through with it for the sake of his father.

Meanwhile Soo Ah is facing her own wedding crisis when she wants to spend the night with Mr. Kim. The two really care for each other, but Mr. Kim is not a suitable husband in her father’s eyes, and he’s afraid of her father. Soo Ah wants to be with him for the night because they don’t have much time left. Once she’s married their affair is over, and she’s going to live as a faithful wife to Hae Young. And so Mr. Kim kisses her right then and there in his car. Oh these two…

Hae Young ends up outside of Sang Hyo’s house that night anyways, and stays there the entire night, watching her leave for work early the next day. This is going to be the last time he’ll ever see her like this again.

The wedding begins – again – and this time the bride and groom make it down the aisle. Hae Young looks up to the ceiling, wishing that a dead body would fall. HAHA. Dude, that can’t happen twice in a row. Besides, a chandelier is in place of the glass ceiling. When it’s time for the vows, Hae Young delays in saying “I do,” which causes murmurs through the crowd. But… disappointingly… he says, “I do.”

NOOOOOOO! Does this mean that for the OTP to get together, another divorce will have to take place?!

Soo Ah of course says “yes” and the two are presented as husband and wife. The wedding is a success, but Hae Young doesn’t look happy at all. He only has eyes for Sang Hyo, who walks away…

BUT IT’S ALL A DREAM! Shi Chan wakes Hae Young up, who’s fallen asleep at the office. Whew! But it just so happens that now it’s really the day of the wedding. And boy is Shi Chan stressed with having to deal with a hungover groom who thinks that his wedding day is “the day [his] nightmare becomes a reality.”

All the warning signs point to Hae Young canceling the wedding. It’s just a matter of whether he’ll do it or not.

Hae Young arrives at the hotel still drowsy to prepare for the wedding. The last thing he needs is to see Sang Hyo, but that’s exactly who he bumps into in a hallway. They walk past each other as if strangers, but then Hae Young can’t help himself. He turns, and says, “Thank you. You went through a lot [preparing for the wedding.]” Sang Hyo smiles graciously and congratulates him on his nuptials.

They turn their backs to each other and say good bye for the final time to each other in their heads. And then part ways.




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