Things I’m Obsessed With Thanks to K-Dramas


Several times I’ve caught myself in the middle of an online shopping spree buying Korean makeup, plushies, and jewelry. And then several more times I find myself wanting the latest model of a smartphone even though my current one is just fine. Most of the time this happens because I’m inspired by the dramas I watch: I see something I like, and I want it. And when my baby cousin decided to take my pig-rabbit away for some cuddle time I realized that one doesn’t have to be a K-drama fan to like Korean products. They genuinely have really charming products, and dramas are just a great gateway to being exposed to them since I’m no longer among the preteens who know the latest and greatest cute stuff from Asia.

(Blue Bear I’ve left you behind, but Mashimaro you’re still in my heart.)

So here are some things that I’ve recently been obsessed with. What are some of yours, and did any drama inspire you to get them?


1. First and foremost, Pig-Rabbit (You’re Beautiful) – or anything plush toy related. I loved Pig-Rabbit the moment Tae Kyung performed surgery on the stuffed animals. I was one of those who ordered one as soon as it went on sale on YesAsia and paid nearly $50 for it. The Pig-Rabbit in YesAsia is no longer on sale, but there are other places you can purchase it from.

A good runner up is the owl from Heirs, which is a hand warmer, pillow, and stuffed friend all in one!


2. This backpack from Heirs. I’m a sucker for stylish backpacks because they’re functional and can be fashionable. It’s so much easier to not have to worry about holding something, and leaves two hands free to hold other things.


3. Earrings from I Need Romance 3. While the earrings from That Winter the Wind Blows and My Love From Another Star have increased in popularity, I think my favorite two-way earring is the one that Kim So Yeon wears. Etsy is a great place to find these earrings, and if earrings don’t suit your taste then there are rings, necklaces, headbands, and more!

If you can afford for the original My Love From Another Star earrings, check them out at Didier Dubot’s website.


4. Korean makeup. Memebox has been a great source of trying to discover Korean makeup products and the unique ingredients used. I could go to The Face Shop or Nature’s Republic stores in New York but then I would not really understand what products to use and how. I’m a complete noob when it comes to skin care products, so having Memebox choose the items for me and also explain how to use each product is immensely helpful. Plus it gives me a great variety of brands so I can eventually learn what’s good for my skin and what isn’t.

Some boxes are a hit or a miss, but overall my first experience was good enough to prompt me to get another box (shipping in October!)


5. Running Man caps. How does one watch an episode without noticing how cool their caps are? Not only are they useful under the summer sun, but they’re so cute and unique that you can’t not want them! I’ve already ordered mine, and I’m waiting anxiously for it in the mail!


6. And finally – K-pop socks. Aside from the fact that you can get your favorite idols in chibi form (who can resist?!) you also get really good quality ankle socks. They’re perfect in that they don’t peek over your sneakers too much, are durable quality and keep your feet warm and covered at all times, and the design does not wear off after numerous washes. The design doesn’t wear off! What more can you ask for? Not only will T.O.P. be consistently clean, he will also be as cute and clear as he was on day 1!


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