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It’s almost one year since Heirs aired, and still there are some memorable lines that I can’t help but think about every so often. The surfer dude Jay is still quoted, and Krystal and Min Hyuk are up there as one of the best couples onscreen so far. In fact they make up a majority of the dialogue I remember most from the show. So here are some of my favorite lines from Heirs! Quote away!

Ep.01 – When Jay discovers it’s Tan’s engagement anniversary


Tan: What are you doing? Pack up your (surfing) stuff.

Jay: But you said it was your anniversary!

Tan and Jay: I’m too lazy to celebrate!

How do you forget a horrendous line like that…

Ep. 03 – Chan Young takes a picture with Eun Sang in L.A.

BestLines_03_02 BestLines_03_04

Eun Sang: You’re posting it on your SNS?

Chan Young: Yeah. I wanted to show you something funny.

Eun Sang: What is it?

Chan Young: Count to three.

Eun Sang: One… two… three.

[Bo Na calls]

BestLines_03_03 BestLines_03_05

Chan Young: See? Isn’t she cute?

Ep. 05 – Regarding Kim Tan coming back to Korea

BestLines_05_01 BestLines_05_02

Myung Soo: Don’t be shocked.

Bo Na: Don’t get in my way.

Myung Soo: Kim Tan’s back in Korea.

[Bo Na covers mouth. Myung Soo snaps a couple of pictures.]

Myung Soo: Decisive moment right there. (to Chan Young) You should be nervous.


Chan Young: What’s wrong?

Bo Na: Huh? I was singing inside. What did he say?

Chan Young: Kim Tan is back in Korea.

BestLines_05_04 BestLines_05_05

Bo Na (pretending not to know Tan) : Who? Oh the kid you saw in L.A.? What was the name of the song I was singing in my head? I’m really itching to know right now. I will go ask Ye Sol.

Chan Young: What song is it? G.O.D’s ‘Lies’? Big Bang’s ‘Lies’? T-ARA’s ‘Lies’?

Ep. 11 – When Eun Sang needs to spend the night somewhere

BestLines_11_01 BestLines_11_02

Bo Na: Why would you call me?

Eun Sang: I’m really sorry, but can I sleep over tonight?

Bo Na: Are you talking in your sleep? Bye!

Eun Sang: Then I’d have to ask Chan Young.

Bo Na: 521 Cheongdamdong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul! Come right now! Get on a cab right now and come!

Ep. 13 – When Tan finally gets a hold of Eun Sang

BestLines_13_02 BestLines_13_01

Eun Sang: Why were you crying?

Tan: Why were you with Choi Young Do in the morning? When I caught you?

Eun Sang: What happened?

Tan: Did you sleep at his hotel?

Eun Sang: What happened! Why are you avoiding the question?

Tan: So are you.

Eun Sang: It’s not even worth answering!


Tan: Because of global warming the penguins are endangered. That’s why I cried.

Ep. 14 – During a mini cold war between Bo Na and Chan Young

BestLines_14_01 BestLines_14_02

Bo Na: I’m hurt! I think I broke my leg! I’m bleeding!

[Chan Young continues walking away.]

Ep. 15 – When Young Do saves Eun Sang from some bullies

BestLines_15_02 BestLines_15_01

Eun Sang: Thanks for being my Dark Knight.

Young Do: Who’s a knight? If I’m your knight, then is Kim Tan your Prince Charming? My face is a lighter color. (Dark knight v.s. prince on a white horse)


What are some of your favorite lines from this show? Going through these lines just made me want to rewatch it, but I think I ought to save my sanity for some other dramas coming up the pipeline this year.


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