Highlights from Tomorrow’s Cantabile: Episode 6


Love triangle begone! In this episode we have so much more happening now to our Fab 5: Yoo Jin, Soo Min, Il Rak, Nae Il, and Min Hee. There’s more growth for each of the characters in this episode, which is much appreciated: Yoo Jin learns something about conducting from Stresemann and sees why he wasn’t a good conductor at the start. Nae Il suffers from anxiety when she thinks of her harrowing childhood with a formidable piano teacher. Soo Min and Il Rak realize how bad they are compared to their peers at the music festival. Il Rak also falls in love.

But I miss the old crazy shenanigans so much!

One moment that I really loved was when Yoo Jin and Yoon Hoo were subtly competing for Stresemann’s favor. I love that in his own way, Yoo Jin knows Stresemann better than any other student. When Stresemann asks for cold water with ice, new guy Lee Yoon Ho is eager to please and brings him exactly what he wants. However Yoo Jin knows better and brings warm water. In a way he knows what’s best for Stresemann’s health, what Stresemann would most likely accept, and also still asserts some power so that he’s not just a lackey to the finicky maestro. And then the clincher was when Stresemann took Yoo Jin’s water instead of Yoon Ho’s. Talk about a fist pump right there!

In any case, here are some of the memorable moments from episode 6!



Look at this look of jealousy:










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