Hyun Bin Chooses His Drama Comeback


Hyun Bin recently turned down a role in Kill Me Heal Me only to accept the upcoming SBS drama Hyde, Jekyll, I. It will mark his army comeback drama since he last starred in Secret Garden in 2010.

Just like the original book that you know of, Hyun Bin will play a man with two personalities: the colder Jekyll  and the warmer Hyde. He ends up in a love triangle with himself and another girl. What’s funny is that he turned down Kill Me Heal Me, which followed a man with seven different personalities and the woman who helps him heal. This drama does not feel so drastically different other than the fact that he just went from a role with seven personalities to two. Guess two was easier to handle? Not to mention he’s had plenty of practice playing two different people in Secret Garden.

Another thing that irks me is that it follows the pattern of Korean dramas taking titles from well-known English-based franchises. While this particular drama is based on a webtoon of a similar name, what’s with dramas being called Pride and Prejudice“Iron Man” now called Blade Man but still “Iron Man” in Korean, or Pinocchio? Stop with the borrowing of names, and just come up with your own title please!

This drama won’t air until January 2015 on SBS, after Pinocchio with Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. There’s still time to change the title. No word on the leading actress yet, but the drama will be directed by Jo Young Gwang (49 Days), and written by Kim Ji Woon (Cheongdamdong Alice). Oh boy. I had some issues with the ambitious writing from Cheongdamdong Alice, so let’s hope this drama ends up being tighter and better written.

As for the lead actress, if we are to continue the trend of reuniting drama couplings, can we have Kim Sun Ah as his leading lady?

source: tenasia, isplus

Correction: Mistranslated names have been corrected. 



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