Park Shi Hoo, Yoon Eun Hye to Star in Korean-Chinese Film


AIIEEEEE. So more news for Park Shi Hoo and his slow comeback to Korean screens. Park and Yoon Eun Hye are currently eyeing a Korean-Chinese co-production film as their next project. Whee!

The title is a little wonky, though it probably makes more sense in its original language. It’s called ‘사랑후愛’ – so if you translate it, it’s like ‘After Love – Love’. Or if it’s trying to be clever, ‘사랑후’ (After Love) would be a nod to the Korean side, and ‘후愛’ is a nod to the Chinese side. [In case it’s not obvious, 사랑 and 愛 mean ‘love’, and 후 means ‘after’.]

Okay, language lesson over.

It seems that Park and Yoon are currently favorably looking over the script. The film is about love and farewells, so expect it to be a bit melodramatic. The film is to be shot in Jeju Island and in China, and plans to begin filming mid-November when the supporting cast has been finalized.

Park Shi Hoo has remained popular in China despite his scandal over a year ago, and recently completed the Chinese movie ‘Fragrance’. His last Korean drama was Cheongdamdong Alice. Yoon Eun Hye’s last project was the drama Marry Him If You Dare, and her last film was My Black Mini Dress back in 2011. In a way, this is a comeback to feature films for the both of them, as both have not done a film in Korea for a while.

Slowly, patiently, Park Shi Hoo is returning to Korea! Soon, he may make his reentry with a cable drama… so I’ll just sit here and wait for that day to come.

source: star news, tvreport


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