My Secret Hotel: Episode 11 Recap


Brooding time! Poor Hae Young, he spends most of this episode wallowing in sadness. However we do get a chance to develop the mystery a little more as Geum Bo gets more clues on who killed Young Mi.

After Sung Gyeom’s moving performance it’s pretty clear to everyone that Hae Young just lost his leading lady to the second male lead. Even Soo Ah feels bad for him. They all go out for some fried chicken and beer afterwards, and all of Hae Young’s coworkers are feeling so down for him. He reassures them that he’s fine, but he’s not fine. And no amount of encouraging words can really help his situation.

Shi Chan bravely offers to stay with him the whole night (hehehe) but Hae Young rejects him. Why would Hae Young want to stay with him? “Are you into men?” he asks before walking off.

As the “winner,” Sung Gyeom gets to walk Sang Hyo home. She’s really impressed with his singing, but he’s embarrassed and takes all of her compliments as a form of teasing. He was really scared he would lose her that night! But now that he’s won he hopes she’ll never waver in her feelings.

Sang Hyo immediately throws one of the bouquets away when she gets home. There’s a moment of confusion as to which bouquet Hae Young actually gave her, but she picks one and throws it away, reflecting Hae Young’s own feelings as he broods at home. Suddenly the door bell rings…

Sung Gyeom returns to Sang Hyo’s home with a request: he wants to stay the night. He then realizes he might be burdensome but Sang Hyo lets him stay. Cue romantic music… and we realize that it’s all in Hae Young’s imagination. Yep, he’s feeling pretty jealous right now towards Sung Gyeom.

To alleviate his worries he calls up Sang Hyo to check in with her. He complains when she takes too long to pick up and worries that she might be there with someone. Hae Young tries to tell her that Sung Gyeom is untrustworthy but she takes his words with a grain of salt. He wants her to promise to never give Sung Gyeom her heart fully until she knows him just as well as she knows Hae Young. Yeah, like Sang Hyo will ever agree to that. She warns him never to call her again and hangs up.

That just lets Hae Young’s imagination go crazy. He starts thinking of scenarios where Sung Gyeom returns to her home because he wants to sleepover just like Hae Young did, and then forces himself on her. Or worse, Sang Hyo seduces Sung Gyeom on her bed. Hae Young looks so defeated as he imagines Sang Hyo and Sung Gyeom together, and tries to call her again. But this time her phone is off.

He doesn’t have to worry though: Sung Gyeom is most definitely home. And the resort managed to find his heart shaped rock and sent it back to him.

The following day the hotel staffers are all excited at the news that Sung Gyeom and Sang Hyo are actually dating. Sadly, the gossiping also embarrasses Eun Joo because now everyone makes fun of her for pursuing Sung Gyeom so incessantly.

Sang Hyo must now inform Manager Lee that she’s dating Sung Gyeom. He’s actually disappointed and upset with her for getting married and then dating someone else, even though she told him that she only got married for the sake of the hotel. What Manager Lee is more concerned about is seeing his surrogate daughter get closer to his enemy.

When Sung Gyeom sees her long face, of course they have to talk. Sang Hyo requests that Sung Gyeom get along with Manager Lee, who’s like a father to her. They may have their differences but ultimately they work towards what’s best for the hotel. Sung Gyeom cuts her off. As much as he respects Sang Hyo he will not entertain the thought of getting along with Manager Lee. And he also hopes she’d not get so close to him. Now Sang Hyo is caught between two men who don’t want her associating with the other – and this doesn’t even include Hae Young either!

Back to Geum Bo’s investigations. Detective Lee discovers that Manager Lee had been transferring a whole lot of money from his account to Hwang’s, suggesting that Hwang was blackmailing Lee. And, it turns out that Young Mi has been threatening other couples having affairs with photos and thus getting a lot of money from them too. She just happened to pick the wrong person at the wrong time. While Geum Bo seems to believe more and more that Manager Lee is the perpetrator, Detective Lee still believes it’s Sung Gyeom.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Detective Lee ended up being right?

Out of the blue, Sang Hyo receives a call from Lee Seon Kyun! He’s apparently the host of a radio show because he’s “The Voice” (hehehe). Sang Hyo freaks out because she’s such a huge fan and agrees to listen to a story sent in from one of the viewers and then give her advice (as is the nature of his particular show).

Turns out… It’s actually Hae Young pranking her! He imitates Lee Seon Kyun’s voice and proceeds to ask her advice on how a man can win back his ex-girlfriend. Sang Hyo ends up calling the “man” cheesy for wanting to win back a girl that he left for a mysterious reason. Why should he try to get the girl back when she’s about to date another man, and he had left on his own volition? “Is his name Goo?” she asks, not realizing still whom she’s talking to. “I know a man just like that. He does whatever he wants and is self-centered.”

That sets Hae Young off, and he ends up breaking character (despite repeated warnings from Shi Chan to not break character) by telling her off for being so selfish and stubborn too. Caught! Sang Hyo totally knows it’s him now. Hae Young tries to sign off as Lee Seon Kyun again and then hangs up, but not before dissing her. Hahaha that was a hilarious prank, even though it just made Sang Hyo want to destroy him.

Poor Sung Min. As a complete newbie he’s now terrified of all the women in this hotel. Not to mention, he’s also afraid of dying and has put up a whole bunch of talismans and religious figures on his desk to ward away evil spirits.

Soo Ah visits Hae Young while he continues to brood about his situation. She felt compelled to help him after seeing how he got humiliated the night before, and resolves to help Hae Young win back Sang Hyo. How? By seducing Sung Gyeom! Soo Ah is a really cool girl for helping out her ex with no residual feelings, but it’s so obvious she’s doing it for her own benefit because she likes Sung Gyeom for herself! Even Hae Young suspects it, and she makes him feel worse like a younger sister would by admitting that Sung Gyeom is so much better than he is. Selfishness aside, she’s going back to being kind of cool.

Geum Bo visits Manager Lee with some more follow-up questions. He confronts him head on about the transfer of money, to which Manager Lee attributes to Hwang having a “hard time.” So then if another person, like Young Mi, asked him for money because he/she was having a hard time, would Manager Lee assist them?

Flashback to when Young Mi was still alive and it turns out Manager Lee was the other bidder for the necklace. Young Mi wants the money soon otherwise she’ll hand the necklace over to Sung Gyeom. She is aware that Lee killed Hwang, so if he ends up killing her she’s already set up a plan B.

Back to the present, Manager Lee denies helping Young Mi out. He looks after his employees, with special treatment for his hoobae Hwang, but doesn’t help them in their personal matters. Once the interview is over Geum Bo receives a call from Detective Lee: they got a copy of Young Mi’s phone records and the last person she contacted was Sung Gyeom.

Sung Gyeom at that very moment has received another letter in a similar typeface. It only says, “If you didn’t kill me, then Lee Moo Yang did.” This was Young Mi’s plan B. Now Sung Gyeom is more resolved than ever to track down the necklace. Making up the excuse that Sang Hyo will have to return Young Mi’s things to her home some day, he offers to accompany her to go now.

Gi Chul teases Sang Hyo over this “date,” which makes Eun Joo even more dismal when she overhears it. She avoids both Sang Hyo and Sung Gyeom as much as possible, and can’t bring herself to be anywhere near him. As she hides behind a column, she overhears Geum Bo ask if Sung Gyeom was close to Young Mi because he had talked to her so much in the days leading up to her death.

Sung Gyeom says that he was just listening to Young Mi undergo some problems at work and was just checking up on her. It’s an excuse that’s enough for Geum Bo, but Eun Joo wonders if Young Mi perhaps had a crush on Sung Gyeom too!

Sung Gyeom tries to take a peek at the box full of Young Mi’s belongings in his trunk but Sang Hyo arrives, so they both get in the car. He reaches over to help her fasten her seatbelt, to which she mistakes it as him wanting to seduce her. Both get embarrassed, and he ends up kissing her cheek to make up for it.

Jung Eun spots the two of them driving off together and is pretty pleased to find out that the rumors are true regarding Sang Hyo and Sung Gyeom. She happily visits Hae Young to congratulate him on his breakup with Sang Hyo. After all, the rumors are true that Sang Hyo and Sung Gyeom are dating. Hae Young forbids her from writing an article about them breaking up in less than three months, to which Jung Eun is fine with. She has the scoop anyways, and will be the only woman left by his side.

Meanwhile Manager Lee gets an equally mysterious letter from Young Mi: “If you didn’t kill me then the killer is Jo Sung Gyeom.” Clearly she’s got her bases covered. He’s shocked to hear that Sung Gyeom and Sang Hyo are also heading over right now to Young Mi’s home.

When they arrive in front of Young Mi’s home, Sung Gyeom sends Sang Hyo to go buy fruit so they won’t arrive empty handed. While she’s gone he starts rifling through Young Mi’s belongings. Sang Hyo suddenly returns to the car because she left her wallet, and Sung Gyeom makes the excuse that he spilled the contents of the box while trying to lift it.

She pretends to buy his excuse, but she’s definitely confused and suspicious as to why Sung Gyeom was rifling through Young Mi’s stuff.

The Vice General Manager arrives at the station to reveal who he thinks the killer is. And in his opinion it’s… Jo Sung Gyeom. Why? He may have provided an alibi by saying he was away on a business trip, but that didn’t stop him from ordering his assistant Simon to do the actual murder. The Vice GM had seen Simon late at the hotel that night, and found it quite unusual for the secretary to not be on the business trip with Sung Gyeom.

Of course Vice General Manager’s statement makes Detective Lee really happy. He was right!

Back at Young Mi’s house, Sung Gyeom and Sang Hyo return the belongings to her mother, who’s extremely grateful. She invites them to stay for a meal and Sung Gyeom accepts the offer, reasoning that the mother must be feeling lonely. His ulterior motive is to use the opportunity to look through Young Mi’s room.

While Sang Hyo goes to help the mother prepare dinner, Sung Gyeom starts going through all of Young Mi’s desk drawers and overturning all her jewelry boxes. Sang Hyo returns with some water at hand and finds him in the room, once again caught in the act.

It’s hard to explain this one now. Sung Gyeom lies that he was looking for the bathroom at first, and then says he was looking for something that he gave to Young Mi for safekeeping. Uh… okay. Well, he did accidentally find the necklace though while overturning her accessories box, but he didn’t see it since Sang Hyo came in. The ride home ends up being a little awkward.

Hae Young waits outside Sang Hyo’s home and wonders why she’s so late. He’s reminded of her words that a man so clingy to the past can be annoying, and that convinces him to leave rather than to stick around. Just then he passes Sung Gyeom’s car with Sang Hyo in it, and it just hits home that he’s not a part of Sang Hyo’s life.

Sung Gyeom drops Sang Hyo off and asks for her understanding for his strange actions. He can’t explain it all now, but he hopes she can be understanding until then.

Hae Young watches Sung Gyeom leave from afar. As clingy as he may appear to be, he really can’t stand to see Sang Hyo with another man because it hurts him so. While in a slump, he imagines Sang Hyo in his apartment telling him to give up. He promises that he won’t hurt her again, but Imaginary Sang Hyo doesn’t believe him.

The following morning, Hae Young drowsily picks up his phone. It’s his mother, and it’s an emergency! Hae Young nearly hits Sang Hyo as he arrives in front of her home. He begs her to come over to his place and pretend to be a couple because his parents are coming over!

Sang Hyo doesn’t care and doesn’t want to help him, but he begs for her assistance for just a week. After that his parents are leaving for the States. She might view the marriage as fake, but Hae Young doesn’t, and he does not want to disappoint his parents. His father only wanted to see him get married before he agreed to get surgery, and it is truly possible that he’ll die. He really needs her help on this, and Sang Hyo finally agrees.

Yay! Hae Young hugs her. He has her for a week!


I’m not sure I really like this plot development to get Hae Young and Sang Hyo back together in closed quarters. It feels a bit contrived to use his parents as the reason they’ll get back together. But I guess some outside forces had to come into play to get the two together.

I think this episode was mainly to build deeper suspicion of Sung Gyeom because the episode has been pretty brutal in depicting his character. There is almost no shame in the way Sung Gyeom is rifling through Young Mi’s stuff, no fast cuts between him and Sang Hyo before the moment she discovers him, and no chance given for him to hide what he’s doing. It’s an integral episode if we the audience are to mistrust him, but I don’t think it’s a good enough episode to make me dislike him as a leading man for Sang Hyo. We’re just five episodes away from the end. Either Hae Young really needs to give up on Sang Hyo now, or Sung Gyeom has to be really really evil and unbearable.


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