My Secret Hotel: Episode 12 Recap


This episode was both bittersweet and painful to watch as I feel like my heart is being tugged in all directions. I think my feelings are mainly attributed to the actors, who all have chemistry with each other both male and female. It makes me want to root for friendships and more love lines to form, but at the same time it’s not entirely possible. After all, Sang Hyo can’t end up with two guys. She could end up with none though, and I’m starting to hope she could just leave these two men behind.

Now that Sang Hyo has agreed to really act like his wife for a week, Hae Young gives her a nice big kiss on the forehead. Teehee. I can see him taking advantage of this. He drags her up to her apartment – they’re going to have to pack some of her things to really make it look like she’s living with him. He also tells her to take a day off to clean his house… and get familiar with his apartment. After all, he can’t have her saying “Where’s the bathroom” when she’s supposed to live there!

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to really make it look like that they live together.

While she’s packing, Hae Young curiously asks if Sung Gyeom ever stayed over. She can tell he’s asking out of jealousy and teases that it’s possible he stayed over. After all they’re two consenting adults. Hae Young reaches for his phone to confront Sung Gyeom but she takes it away. Sung Gyeom’s a true gentleman – unlike Hae Young who needs medication to… function.

Hae Young is perfectly happy to give her a demonstration that he’s perfectly capable, and starts giving her a seductive look. She backs away and ends up falling into her closet, and then Hae Young pretends to shut her in the closet. Haha! I’d like it if they just kept teasing each other throughout their marriage.

On the way to Hae Young’s home, Sang Hyo can’t help but think about Sung Gyeom and how he felt when he first heard of her second marriage. (“Didn’t you think of me (before getting married)?”) She feels bad towards him, but Hae Young doesn’t want to hear anything about her boyfriend. If she talks about him again, he’ll shut her mouth with a kiss on the lips. Yeah uh, you nearly got into an accident by trying to kiss her than watching the road…

Flashback to the phone conversation and we learn that things didn’t go exactly as Hae Young described it to Sang Hyo. Yes, his parents are leaving for the States, but no they didn’t request to come and stay over at his place. Instead Hae Young had asked them to delay their departure for a week and to come stay with him. He wants to spend time with his parents but also have an excuse to win Sang Hyo back by keeping her close.

Let’s hope that the parents don’t inadvertently spill the beans on his plans too early. Also, this is a much better turn of events than the last episode had implied.

Sung Gyeom arrives at the wedding department to find that Sang Hyo took the day off. He then bumps into Eun Joo, who’s still avoiding him whenever she can. He asks her to stop hiding from him. He was attracted to her confidence, and even though he ended up not developing romantic feelings for her he thinks her confidence is her best trait. He hopes they can be good friends and colleagues, and it actually makes her feel better. To a degree.

Suddenly Eun Joo becomes the fearless woman we’ve all grown to love. Friends? Who is he kidding? How can a guy and a girl ever be friends? She’s not going to give up on him over this. Mark her words she’s going to end up marrying Sung Gyeom just like how Hae Young married Sang Hyo. And the first order of business will be to torture him for all the grief he caused her. HAHA I love her. She ends up having to stomp away and turn back to the couch twice, never making a smooth exit, but it’s okay – Sung Gyeom looks like a little boy who just got schooled.

Meanwhile at Hae Young’s house preparations are underway to make the house look more like a newlyweds’. Hae Young has an obnoxious poster of the two almost kissing on their wedding hung on the walls, and Sang Hyo gets to dusting. When they get to the bedroom Sang Hyo lays the ground rules: she will sleep on the bed and he will be on the floor.

But first she’ll clean the sheets and sanitize the mattress. After all, who knows what business he did on that bed. Hahaha. What’s really cool is that there’s actually a mobile truck service that sanitizes your mattress on the go. Korea’s so awesome.

Sang Hyo gets a call from Sung Gyeom and immediately her icy demeanor melts away into one full of aegyo for her boyfriend. Sung Gyeom wants to come over for dinner but she quickly tells him to not come by. She’ll explain when she sees him at work. “You better not be having an affair behind my back,” Sung Gyeom says teasingly. HAH. HAHA. Oh… boy.

He hangs up but Sang Hyo pretends the conversation is still ongoing and says “I love you too” in front of Hae Young. Wow that just really makes him jealous and he grabs the phone and starts telling off Sung Gyeom for acting that way with a married woman. Heh, he doesn’t realize that there’s no one on the other line!

Geum Bo visits Sung Gyeom at the hotel to get a more honest answer regarding his relationship to Young Mi. In other words: did Sung Gyeom kill Young Mi? A dark expression fills Sung Gyeom’s face. Meanwhile Manager Cha informs Manager Lee that Geum Bo is speaking with Sung Gyeom, which leads them both to believe that Young Mi’s other “buyer” was Sung Gyeom.

As Sung Gyeom watches Geum Bo leave his office, a sneer creeps over his lips. Yikes…

Hae Young informs Shi Chan that he’s not coming to work because he’ll be with Sang Hyo. All. Day. Well that’s just GREAT NEWS for Shi Chan and the other employees because now they’ll go home early! As everyone heads out the door Jung Eun comes in looking for Hae Young. Shi Chan gives her the disappointing news that he’s at home with his wife, and then reminds her that there are really cool men out there in the sea. Like him for example.

Shi Chan, there are so many other women out there in the sea. Like not Jung Eun for example.

Sang Hyo and Hae Young start cooking – and they’re really bad at it. Sang Hyo’s burned the fish while Hae Young doesn’t know how to cut zucchinis half-an-inch thick. As bad as their situation is, Hae Young is amused watching Sang Hyo freak out over all the food. They try the soup, and Hae Young immediately pours a pitcher-full of water to balance out the saltiness. Then it’s too bland, and Hae Young tries to add some salt into it… only to spill half the jar of salt into the soup. They’re hopeless!

Sang Hyo burns herself when she tries to pull a dish out of the microwave and Hae Young immediately tends to her wound. She worries that his parents will arrive and nothing will be ready, so he forces her to put medicine on it by carrying her out of the kitchen. His parents actually arrive just at that moment and hear her worrying about his parents arriving and him saying to stop fussing so they can “finish fast” through the door. His parents blush and decide to take a brisk walk before coming back. Kekeke. They have such dirty minds…

All it is really is Hae Young applying burn cream on Sang Hyo’s finger and wrapping a band-aid on it. She’s touched by his gesture but hears Sung Gyeom’s words: “Can’t you think of me? Didn’t you think about me?” She gently pulls away and returns to the kitchen to try to salvage their food.

Chairman Jung, Soo Ah’s father, invites Sung Gyeom to dinner that evening but ends up not showing up. Who wants to bet it’s all Soo Ah’s doing? She meets him at the restaurant and assures him that she didn’t pester her dad for this meeting or is trying to approach him intentionally. Riiiight. Thankfully (?) Eun Joo arrives and “reminds” Sung Gyeom about their plans for that night. Sung Gyeom plays along, thinking that Eun Joo will save him from this awkward not-a-date-date. Eun Joo just ends up joining them for dinner, pointing out that her plans with Sung Gyeom take precedence but she won’t kick Soo Ah off the dinner table. Now that it’s two girls and one guy, Sung Gyeom feels a little better sitting at this dinner table, even though he’s caught between two girls who really really like him.


It’s worse when the two girls keep ordering the opposite of the other and expect Sung Gyeom to side with them just to prove he favors one over the other. Poor guy – he ends up always picking a different option that earns him wrathful glares from the girls. He should have just left the table when he had the chance…

At another dinner table, Sang Hyo finally finishes preparing a meal for Hae Young’s parents. She apologizes for being a mediocre cook, but the parents brush it aside as a sign of humility. Little do they realize… Mama Goo finds burned pieces of croaker and zucchini while Papa Goo can’t finish one piece of kalbi: “No matter how much I chew, I need to chew it more!” HAHAHA! The parents are lightly teasing but it’s surely embarrassing for Sang Hyo and Hae Young.

Sung Gyeom’s dinner ends and Soo Ah pretends to be a little tipsy over one glass of wine. Before she can ask Sung Gyeom to drive her home, Eun Joo points out the driver that she called to take Soo Ah home. After all, she didn’t want Soo Ah to drink and drive! Foiled, Soo Ah goes home flustered.

Sung Gyeom thanks Eun Joo for joining them that evening and helping cut the dinner short. He suggests going out for drinks just the two of them, and Eun Joo sweetly says sure! But as he thinks of a place to go she immediately flips a switch. Did he think she’d accept to go out with him so easily? Does he like her or something? He doesn’t, right? Why is he leading her on? She accepts his kind intention but refuses to drink with him. Heh – Eun Joo is really insisting on playing hard to get and being the confident woman he was initially attracted to! Sung Gyeom smiles, knowing that this is Eun Joo’s way of getting over his new relationship status.

Sang Hyo meticulously cuts the fruit in the kitchen after dinner, hoping to get one thing right. Mama and Papa Goo observe Hae Young’s lovesick puppy eyes for Sang Hyo and let him go up to his wife instead of dutifully sitting with them in the living room. Hae Young (dangerously) hugs Sang Hyo from the back as she holds a knife and an apple and locks her into a tight embrace.

She tries to shake him off and threaten to leave but he tells her to stand still. His dad has heart disease and could collapse if she does anything sudden! Pfffffft. Papa and Mama Goo decide to sneak away into their room to give the two lovebirds some privacy. They’re so cool…

Hae Young: “I’m really happy. I’m so happy you’re standing here with me right now.” It’s such a simple thing, and he’s so sincere about his feelings. Sang Hyo lets him snuggle against her shoulder; she’s gotta admit that she does feel something for him. Once again she hears Sung Gyeom’s voice and she struggles against Hae Young’s grasp. When he won’t let go she steps on his foot, and he limps away.

Hae Young prepares the bedroom with some candles but Sang Hyo doesn’t even notice. She kicks him off the bed and tells him to go to his spot on the floor. Well, okay, but now he’s going to sit next to the bed and stare at her all night! He thanks her for coming over and being good to his parents, and she replies by throwing the spare pillow and blankets at him.

Sang Hyo won’t sleep until he does, fearing that he might join her in the bed later. Hae Young assures he won’t and turns his back to her to go to sleep. She’s reminded of the past when they were first married, and she kept poking at him to turn and face her when they sleep. He finally turns to her pouting face, and says that he can’t sleep if he ever looks at her because he just ends up wanting to stare at her, and hold her, and yunno – do what married couples do.

That same memory brings a smile to Hae Young’s face now and when he turns back to the bed out of curiosity he finds Sang Hyo staring at him. Heh. He asks what she was just thinking about, wondering if she was thinking of the same memory as he was. Sang Hyo claims she’s not sleepy, so he offers to put her to sleep.

One more memory from the past! When Sang Hyo can’t sleep, Hae Young wraps his arm around her and gently pats her shoulder while singing a nursery rhyme. They’re seriously so cute. Of course, that tactic won’t really work in the present, and Sang Hyo turns to the other side and tries to fall asleep on her own.

That same night Geum Bo mulls over his interrogation with Sung Gyeom. He pressures the manager to confess about his conversations with Young Mi, and Sung Gyeom finally hands over the first card he received. Young Mi had a suspicion on who his father’s killer was, and their last conversation revolved around him paying for the evidence she had belonging to the killer.

Since he was on a business trip, Sung Gyeom sent Simon to meet up with Young Mi to get the necklace, but she didn’t show up at the arranged time. With this testimony, Geum Bo has no good reason to arrest him or Simon.

However, that sneer that Sung Gyeom had after Geum Bo left is kind of ominous. Is he triumphant that he’s closer to catching Manager Lee now that he has Geum Bo investigating him? Or is he triumphant that he managed to deflect suspicion away from himself?

At home, Sung Gyeom calls Sang Hyo for a late night chat. She’s already asleep, so Hae Young climbs over to the other side of the bed and hangs up on Sung Gyeom for her. He then texts her phone saying that he misses her, so Hae Young responds with: “Sung Gyeom, shut your trap and crash.” What an immature guy! Hae Young then takes out his own phone and takes some selfies with Sang Hyo asleep next to him. Sigh…

He then lies down next to her watching her sleep, and sure enough by morning the two of them are sleeping together, entwined and sharing a pillow. Sang Hyo wakes up first and immediately screams at the sight of him. She kicks him off the bed and throws the pillow at him. Hae Young just grabs it and continues to sleep!

The two save their fight for later, as Sang Hyo has to quickly get ready and prepare breakfast. Mama Goo’s already finished it though and is completely understanding of the fact that Sang Hyo overslept. After all she’s a newlywed and not used to waking so early. Awww, at least Sang Hyo and her mother-in-law get along.

After breakfast, Mama Goo has a present for Sang Hyo – a shiny new red car! She and Hae Young are actually surprised at the gesture: Sang Hyo because it’s such an expensive gift, and Hae Young because he was hoping he could always drop her off and pick her up every day. Sang Hyo doesn’t want to accept it but she does end up having to drive it since Goo Parents are watching them leave for work.

Hae Young hitches a ride in her car, and it’s a good thing too because she ends up being a terrible driver. He ends up needing to hold on to the grab handle in fear of his safety, while Sang Hyo tenses up behind the wheel. She doesn’t notice that Sung Gyeom is calling her, as he is waiting outside her apartment for her to arrive.

They make it to Secret Hotel in one piece, and Sang Hyo hands the car keys off to him. Just then, Sung Gyeom arrives, and he’s not happy to see them coming to work together. The confrontation gets heated as Hae Young states that they haven’t been doing anything wrong technically as a married couple. Sung Gyeom grabs Sang Hyo’s wrist to drag her away to work, and then Hae Young grabs her other arm. Seriously guys.

Sang Hyo breaks free of both of them and tries to stop them from coming to blows. Finally the only way to stop them is for Sang Hyo to hug Sung Gyeom, forcing him to stop. This looks so bad for Hae Young now because she chose to stop Sung Gyeom with her body, blocking him from harm completely and also hugging him.

She’s chosen Sung Gyeom. And once again, Sung Gyeom wins at the end of an episode.


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