My Secret Hotel: Episode 13 Recap


It’s a little tedious how petulant both the men are in this episode. They claim Sang Hyo as if she’s their property and it’s unfair that she must be subjected to this tug-of-war. I wish she could somehow stand up for herself and possibly leave these two men behind. While I like Hae Young, he’s stuck in the past and childish. And while I did like Sung Gyeom, he’s too selfish and narrow-minded for me. Just as we reach some change in the men though, that’s when Sang Hyo finally comes around and faces her feelings. But sadly, love is also all about timing.

Sang Hyo does her best to stop a fight from breaking out, which means hugging Sung Gyeom to stop him from advancing towards Hae Young. Of course Hae Young is pissed but she pushes him away. If he does not leave now, Sang Hyo will not go back to his place tonight.

Sung Gyeom overhears that and is completely crushed. So that’s where she was yesterday? Hae Young finally makes his exit, leaving Sang Hyo to explain herself to Sung Gyeom. However her manager does not want to hear any of her excuses and leaves in his car too.

As terrible as that morning was, Sang Hyo remembers a time when she overheard Hae Young speak to his father while they were married. Hae Young had a really good relationship with his father then too, and Sang Hyo is big-hearted enough to not want to be the person that breaks them apart. She bumps into Sung Gyeom in the hotel and he finally is willing to hear her out.

Even though Sang Hyo pointed out that she was doing Hae Young and his father a favor, Sung Gyeom does not like this situation because it’s Hae Young. Even though it’s only for a week, he does not want her to do it. Well, that’s going to have to be Sung Gyeom’s problem to deal with because Sang Hyo does not want to be blamed if Hae Young’s father happens to fall sick and die.

Meanwhile at Hae Young’s office no one has managed to get their part of the project done because of their constant slacking off. They fear retribution from Hae Young, but he surprises them by letting them go on time. After all, he’s a happy family man now! When Jung Eun happens to witness this cheerful side of Hae Young it puts her deeper in despair because there’s no way she can win him back now!

Hae Young goes to pick Sang Hyo up from work, telling her it’s best to arrive home a happy couple for his parents to see. If she doesn’t come down in thirty minutes, he’ll go up to her office and take her home. Just as she’s about to leave, Sung Gyeom calls her. He wants to meet her in the lobby rest area because he can’t handle seeing her go to Hae Young. He does not want to let her go. So who will Sang Hyo choose? Where will she end up going?

Answer: Hae Young’s car. She leaves Sung Gyeom to wait in the lobby. Yay! I’m glad she does this because Sung Gyeom needs to learn how to deal with it too. Both men are being selfish, yes, but Sung Gyeom also needs to respect that the public does not know their internal matters and there is a front to uphold for a little while longer. Besides, it’s just a week.

Eun Joo joins him at the lobby instead, having been sent by Sang Hyo. She believes she’s the more offended one in this situation because Sang Hyo clearly does not see her as a potential love rival. Why else would she send Eun Joo to take care of Sung Gyeom that night? She forces Sung Gyeom to go out for drinks with her, and Eun Joo’s spitfire personality helps Sung Gyeom crack a tiny smile despite having been rejected by Sang Hyo.

To her credit, Sang Hyo feels really bad towards Sung Gyeom. Hae Young does not appreciate her constantly mentioning him in his presence though and wishes she could just focus on him when they’re together, especially since she’s aware of his feelings for her. They arrive home to find it empty; his parents had gone to his brother’s for dinner. Sang Hyo’s so mad she’s been tricked – she could have been with Sung Gyeom tonight then!

Hae Young pulls out his phone to order some food and that’s when she sees his wallpaper has a selfie of him lying next to her on the bed. Sang Hyo tries to delete it and they fight for the phone. She ends up reaching over his body to grab it, and his parents return just in time to see them in a slightly compromising situation. Quickly, Mama Goo pushes Papa Goo out for a walk. Hehe.

The mom is quite pleased to see Hae Young dote on his wife, as it reminds her of the old days with the dad. Papa Goo hopes that after his surgery he will get to spend many “dates” with his daughter-in-law and spend time with her, which makes Sang Hyo really happy. After all, she’s never had a father in her life and this is the closest thing to one.

Eun Joo takes Sung Gyeom to a pojangmacha to just gossip about Sang Hyo. It’s an attempt to make him feel a little better about having been the guy that was ditched, but Sung Gyeom can’t bring himself to insult Sang Hyo even though she’s spending time with Hae Young. That same evening, Hae Young tries to crawl into bed with Sang Hyo, claiming to have a bad back. She ends up tickling him to get him off the bed, and it reminds them of the past when she would do it to make him less mad at her after a fight. The good memory fades away, and Sang Hyo offers to take the floor instead. Hae Young, the gentleman, quickly gets off the bed and lets her sleep there alone.

Later that evening Sang Hyo sees Hae Young’s texts to Sung Gyeom telling the latter to shut up. She wakes him up from his slumber and starts yelling at him, and Hae Young keeps insisting he didn’t do anything. She pushes him off the bed again and he bids her goodnight with a smile on his face.

The following morning Hae Young is asleep leaning against the bed, which is an awkward position but I guess he really misses his bed. Sang Hyo has half the mind to delete the pictures Hae Young took of her sleeping but she decides to leave him be. Yay! These pictures give Hae Young so much joy anyways. She hurries to prepare breakfast for the family, and Hae Young goes to wake his parents up. Except… they’re no longer in the apartment. They can’t put off Papa Goo’s surgery any longer so they’ve headed for the States already.

Unwilling to tell Sang Hyo about this new development, he lies that his parents went to his brother’s early in the morning so that they wouldn’t have to eat her cooking. Sang Hyo’s a bit sad that they’re not around, and decides to head to work without eating breakfast. She can do whatever she wants, and sticks her tongue out at Hae Young. He’s even more attracted to this goofy side of her that he doesn’t want her sticking her tongue out at Sung Gyeom. It amuses Sang Hyo that Hae Young is jealous and is trying to stop her from looking too cute to others’ eyes, and then surprises her that she’s laughing over him too.

When Sang Hyo arrives at work she finds only Gi Chul around. Gi Chul is afraid that Kyung Hee is dead because he witnessed her collapsing in Manager Cha’s arms the day before. It seems that Manager Cha is aware of Kyung Hee’s sickness though, as he personally informs Sang Hyo that Kyung Hee is taking a sick day and forbids Gi Chul from telling anyone what he saw.

Geum Bo reviews a report on Jo Min Tae’s death and learns that Min Tae was an unsavory character who had lots of women and beat his wife. Those are alleged accounts though, and only his former wife can confirm it. The report also lists that a necklace was found in Jo Min Tae’s hand when he died but it had gone missing. Geum Bo realizes it’s the necklace that was part of Hwang’s belongings, and now understands why Hwang and Young Mi died.

Manager Cha reports to Manager Lee about Kyung Hee’s condition, and just then Gi Chul arrives to report that Kyung Hee was killed by Manager Cha! Of course that’s not what Manager Lee heard, so he goes into his office to confirm with Cha. Gi Chul freaks out when he sees that Manager Cha is in the office and worries that the two are in cahoots together. Close but no cigar my friend! He then sees Kyung Hee walking around the hotel and starts chasing her like he just saw a ghost.

But nope! Kyung Hee is alive and well, and just really went home because she was sick.

Sang Hyo receives a call from Papa Goo that they safely arrived in the States, and he thanks her that she’s around. She’s the reason why he finally got the surgery. Sang Hyo is very touched by his words and wishes him a safe and speedy recovery. Just then Sung Gyeom arrives at her office to say that he’ll be okay if she needs one week to sort things out with Hae Young and his parents. But Sang Hyo doesn’t need a week – she can move out today now that the parents have left.

She heads to Sung Gyeom’s apartment on her own with her new car, and calls him up for the passcode. Learning that the ruse is up, Hae Young rushes to his apartment to stop her… but it’s too late. Sang Hyo isn’t around anymore. Hae Young flashes back to that time when he returned to Las Vegas to find her gone. He starts breaking down at the kitchen table, but then Sang Hyo appears!

She was never able to get into the apartment and so had gone out for a bit. Hae Young rushes to hug her, holding her so tightly as if he never wants to let her go. He pleads with her to stay for the one week they agreed on. He’s not ready to let her go yet, but she is. Sang Hyo doesn’t want to stay as she doesn’t want to repeat what happened seven years ago. She fell in love with him within a week then, and she’s afraid it may happen again if she stays longer with him.

Meanwhile Jung Eun plots her revenge. Armed with her laptop and her knowledge of the love triangle, she plots to break Sang Hyo and Hae Young up permanently with an expose on their fraudulent marriage. I don’t know if this will really drive them apart, as once the news hits they could easily do a few more interviews and show how much in love they are.

Once again the hotel and the architecture firm are in a tizzy. Eun Joo is enraged that their scheme could fall apart thanks to Sang Hyo’s dating life, and Hae Young’s colleagues are left with fielding calls about his personal life. Even Shi Chan understands that Hae Young wants to kill Jung Eun now, but he protects her because he likes her.

Manager Lee, Vice GM, Sung Gyeom, Eun Joo, and Sang Hyo all have a small private meeting regarding the article. It’s clear that Sung Gyeom and Sang Hyo’s relationship will negatively impact the hotel, whether Sung Gyeom likes it or not. Sang Hyo offers to take responsibility (again) by saying that she’ll stay with Hae Young until the reporters quiet down. Sung Gyeom doesn’t like this, but Manager Lee reminds him not to get too emotional. It won’t do the hotel any good.

Manager Lee then turns to Sang Hyo with another difficult question: he never believed for a moment that she got married for the sake of the hotel, so does she truly not have any feelings left for Hae Young? That’s awkward to ask in front of everyone. Sang Hyo hesitates, and that’s all Manager Lee needs for an answer. He turns to Sung Gyeom and tells him to stop shaking her feelings up, and then dismisses the meeting.

Well, Eun Joo’s happy with that outcome. Before Sang Hyo leaves the office, Sung Gyeom asks her if she’s really wavering on her feelings for him.

Hae Young throws himself deeper into his work. Now that Sang Hyo has left him, he finds it all the more important that he just stops chasing her. It’s not good for either of them. He sees Sang Hyo waiting for him as he leaves his office, but it’s only an apparition. Sang Hyo appears just as he opens the door to his apartment, but it’s once again an apparition that disappears the moment he repeats that he’ll stop going after her. And then there’s another Sang Hyo inside his apartment – and this time it’s the real one.

Hae Young has no time for her now. He thinks that she wants to live with him again for the sake of the hotel because of that article. Sorry, but he refuses to be played again this time around. Like she had wanted, he’s ready to just stop.

Wow, if only she realized her feelings sooner.


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