Lee Jun Ki is ‘Under the Sicilian Sun’


Lee Jun Ki has recently confirmed that he will star in a Chinese film called ‘Under the Sicilian Sun,’ which brings up a lot of memories of that Diane Lane  film ‘Under the Tuscan Sun.’ Intentional? Unintentional? Either way, he’s going to be a romantic leading man.

Directed by Lin Yu Hsien, a Taiwanese director whose previous credits include ‘Exit No. 6,’ ‘Sumimasen Love,’ and ‘Jump Ashin!,’ the film will cross between Shanghai and Sicily as a love story unfolds between Lee Jun Ki and his leading lady Zhou Dong Yu (“Under the Hawthorn Tree”). The announcement was made during a press conference for the film in Beijing, and it was said that Lin wanted Lee Jun Ki to participate so much he went to Korea to “woo” the actor. Unfortunately that also required drinking massive amounts of alcohol and dining to sort of finally convince him to participate.

It is good to see Lee in a movie again, as his last one was in 2007’s ‘Virgin Snow’. It’s going to be eight years since his last film by the time this movie comes out. And, it seems that it’s all the rage nowadays for Korean actors to make films in movies, especially when they’re super popular. It was pretty clear during his Twitter Fan Meeting that he had a lot of fans around the world – including Chinese ones who were tweeting to him in Chinese. I, of course, tried my hand at it along with gummimochi.

That memory will forever be seared in my brain…


source: osen


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  1. Ilaria 16 December, 2014 at 12:07 Reply

    I wonder… do you think he will actually shoot in Italy…? Or will they just shoot in China pretending it’s Italy…?

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