Over The Garden Wall with Something Sunshine


It’s the end of February, and Something Sunshine is back with another episode! This time hosts Ahnmin Lee and Bobby Lin talk about a Cartoon Network miniseries called Over the Garden Wall.

Over the Garden Wall stars Elijah Wood, Melanie Lynskey, Christopher Lloyd, and newcomer Collin Dean, and it’s about two brothers who get lost in a magical forest called the Unknown. They try to find their way home, and along the way make friends and run from enemies, including the Beast of the Unknown.

It’s a cute little show, with 10 episodes running at about 10 minutes each. I found it entertaining enough, but took the show at face value – which is different from how Ahnmin and Bobby took it for sure. I definitely recommend watching the show if you want to see something amusing and light. It’s a show that works for kids, but is better suited for an adult audience. Just like Adventure Time, one of creator Patrick McHale‘s other small project.

You can check out the series here on Cartoon Network’s website.

Check out the new episode of Something Sunshine here! And yes – I totally got waffles for payment. 🙂

Chocolate and pecan waffle

Chocolate and pecan waffle


Red bean matcha waffle

Bacon mochi waffle

Bacon mochi waffle


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