Park Shi Hoo Returns in Neighborhood’s Hero


Park Shi Hoo – my fave man because I think he’s a talented actor had the scandal not marred his reputation – is coming back in a drama. And, it might also star Yuri from Girls’ Generation, but I care far less about that. Heh.

My favorite actor has signed on for the OCN drama Neighborhood’s Hero. He’ll play Baek Shi Yoon, a former black ops agent who tries to lead a quiet life while operating a small neighborhood bar. He observes the people who come and go at his bar, and eventually finds himself training an aspiring police officer to be a secret agent. Batman and Robin much? Considering the show is on OCN, I think it might have the same aura as My Beautiful Bride – a drama with an equally innocuous title and yet proved to be far darker and grittier than expected.

I’m quite excited to see Park Shi Hoo return because I really enjoyed him in Prosecutor Princess and Cheongdamdong Alice. It’s been a tough few years for him to get back in the game, and so it’s nice to see him make a slow return to dramas and acting. He’s reintroducing himself to the Korean market with a CF and some ads for Newe cosmetics, where clear porcelain skin is the name of the game. And we cannot deny that Park Shi Hoo has freaking good skin.


Jo Sung Ha has also confirmed to appear in the drama, and it looks that Yuri is in talks to sign on. Not quite sure what her role is, but I don’t particularly care for her in this drama. Granted, I’ve never seen her act (and she was in Fashion King and cameoed in Kill Me, Heal Me), so she could easily be a surprise like Sooyoung was for me in Dating Agency Cyrano. However, I heard that Fashion King wasn’t great to begin with, so I don’t have high hopes in what she can do here.

The drama will be directed by Kwak Jung Hwan, who previously did Chuno, Runaway Plan B, and Conspiracy in the Court. Filming begins in September, with an air date hopefully sometime early next year.

I can’t wait!!

sources: busan news, isplus, tenasia, star news

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