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I am breaking my mini sabbatical of not writing to post about heartandseoul – a shop that’s minimalist in design for everyday Korean drama fans. At this Etsy-like store for independent artists, Elisabeth Baum has created several designs with the most common Korean phrases you’d hear in a K-drama. She then adds her quirky designs to everyday objects – from mugs to pillow cases, clocks to even clothing! Take a look at some of her stuff!

I personally love the clock that says “It’s soju o’clock” because I can totally relate. Every hour should be soju o’clock – and in the world of K-dramas we know our plucky heroines down on their luck will agree.


I really like that the designs are so simple. Depending on the product, it will appeal to the hardcore Korean-drama-and-culture fan who wants to say it loud and proud about their obsession with flower boys and Song Ji Hyo. But at the same time, it’s minimalistic enough that if you don’t really pay attention, you won’t notice the Korean drama references. And I like that – if you’re in the know, you’d know. If not, then it’s just a quirky and really cute design.


The “Flower Boy” mini skirt is one such example – I love the pop of color in the flowers and the simple lines of the boy’s outline. From afar, it would even look like a bit of modernist painting on a skirt and is one that would merit a closer look.

heartandseoul-flowerboypattern heartandseoul-flowerboyskirt

Great part is, this online store ships worldwide – so wherever you are, get your fix from heartandseoul! She sells iPad and iPhone covers, pillows and pillow cases, notebooks and stickers, skirts, dresses, shirts, mugs, clocks, and prints. Click on this link to RedBubble and see her store, and you can also follow her on Pinterest.


And thanks Elisabeth for enlightening me to your wonderful products!

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