Baek Ji Young to Hold Concert in LA/NYC


Usually I only hear news about Kpop idol groups going global with their tours and stopping by requisite U.S. stops L.A. and/or N.Y.C. But now it’s “ballad queen” Baek Ji Young who’s coming to the States with her concert tour ‘Sentimental Memories’! This will be her first solo concert in years too, so it’s something to talk about for her fans.


Harry Potter, Hedwig, and Heisenberg

I spent the last week trying to be more ‘cultured’ and taking advantage of the opportunities New York City offers. That meant watching a couple of Broadway shows with my good friends gummimochi and hjkomo! I had not seen a musical since “If/Then” with Idina Menzel, which wasn’t as great of a play as I thought it’d be, but I certainly did enjoy Neil Patrick Harris in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and Daniel Radcliffe in “The Cripple of Inishmaan.”


Meet the New Kings of Hallyu


Lee Min Ho. Lee Jong Suk. Kim Soo Hyun. Kim Woo Bin. What’s in common among all these boys? They’re the new representatives of Hallyu for the new generation.

*Note, this is coming from Star News. While I don’t dispute the article’s claims that these are the hottest actors of this generation, I didn’t come up with the list myself.


Dom & Hyo’s Adventures


So I’m just scrolling through Facebook and checking up on my friends (no, I’m not a stalker!) when I see someone post a link to this blog post about teaching in Korea. And then I just got addicted to all the comics on this site!

Dom & Hyo follows the adventures of a “black guy from Detroit, Michigan and a Korean girl from Incheon, Korea” who started out as language study buddies and ended up dating… and now are engaged! They have a bunch of cute comics about their relationship, facts about Korea, and cultural differences. I read through all 47 comics they have. If only there was one about Korean dramas!

A Take on Glee’s Cover of Gangnam Style

So I just sat through an entire episode of Glee with no idea what just happened (because I’m not following the series at all) but knowing that (1) no one seems to pronounce “Gangnam Style” as “Gahng-nam Style” but as “Gaaang-nam Style”, and (2) it’s such a shame Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” is just background music. This episode did well enough, but did not exceed the low expectations I initially held already.