The Second Seoul Adventures: Days 1-4 (Part 1)


Second time in Seoul – ever! And I marked it with a visit to the Studio Ghibli exhibition and more food than ever before. This time I was taken around to the good places to eat, so none of that random “duck into random restaurants and hope for the best” type of thing – not that that isn’t a good plan either. It’s just this time I got to experience really good Korean food from people who told me it was the best.

And desserts. Lots and lots of desserts.


Shanghai Adventures: Days 1-4


So the Great Firewall of China and the lack of consistent internet has caused me to delay any posting of my trip in Shanghai. It has also prevented me from getting online at all. The last time I was in this city was five years ago, and it was never this difficult to get online or to visit social media sites. I even had a hard time just letting my family know I was okay via email!

In any case the city has changed in many ways while retaining some of its familiar flavor. I am both comfortable and in awe in this city at the surrounding sites, having last been here five years ago. Things change ridiculously quickly…

(Also, in the picture above, there was a LOT of smog on our first day. It was actually dangerously high, and affected the view of The Bund. Sadly, this is the only picture of the Shanghai skyline I have. Five years ago, the building with the square hole in the middle, Shanghai World Financial Center, was the tallest building ever. Now it’s the Shanghai Tower, that tall spiral that’s still being finished off.)


Hong Kong Adventures: Day 4


Day 4 was my last day in Hong Kong. I spent the morning eating (more) before heading on to a plane to go to Shanghai. I saw many good friends, and now am off to see more!

Of course, more food pictures to come.


Hong Kong Adventures: Days 2-3


I had a wedding to attend on my second day at Hong Kong, which meant it was WEDDING BANQUET TIME! Food at Marco Polo Hotel was amazing (and I expected no less), but I also had some pretty awesome fast food before I went to the banquet. And pretty awesome food after too.

The picture above is a set up from the Hong Kong protesters in Causeway Bay. It’s really organized and pretty clean. Just terribly inconvenient if you’re trying to cross the street.


Hong Kong Adventures: Day 1


After five years, I’m back in this glorious city of Hong Kong for food and shopping! More for the food, less for the shopping though. (As an American, my big-boned-ness does not quite fit in most one-size-fits-all clothes in Hong Kong’s local stores.) So all I really care about right now is stuffing my face with awesome Hong Kong food, and then worrying about whether I’ll fit into my cocktail dress for a wedding later.


What is up with the K-drama Remakes?


In the past six months there’s been a sudden influx of news that American broadcasters are buying remake rights to Korean television shows. Most of them are hits or have done well in the past year in Korea, so it would be very interesting to see how Americans will remake it.

Or it could be a disaster like the American version of Boys Over Flowers.