Jung Ryeo Won in Talks for ‘Big Man’


Jung Ryeo Won (Medical Top Team, The King of Dramas) is currently in talks to join the cast of Big Man. As So Mi Ra, she will be the woman who comes in between Kang Ji Hwan and Daniel Choi. Ooooh… steamy.


News Bits: 7/26/2013 Edition

Well – Joo Ji Hoon’s got another drama! Unfortunately it’s Medical Top Team, the drama I’ve sworn off for sure because it has Kwon Sang Woo in it (not my favorite actor). He’ll play Han Seung Jae, another genius doctor part of the group. Jung Ryeo Won is also signed on as Seo Joo Young, a doctor specializing in thoracic surgery. I would love to watch Joo and Jung, but not Kwon so much. And since Kwon is the main character, that means less screen time for them (possibly). 

Medical Top Team airs in October after Two Weeks. It’s got two months to convince me to tune in.


The King of Dramas: Final Review

Two weeks after this series has completed, I’ve finally gotten around to writing up a review. I really enjoyed this drama. I think this is a drama I’m glad I got to sit back and enjoy, because it made me think less about the plot holes, and more about how art imitates life. This drama really made me rethink if oppa’s eyes are so red from lack of sleep, from makeup, or from crying too much because his costar couldn’t get that scene right. But then I’d forget about it and just keep on watching anyways, demanding the next episode.


News Bits: 10/10/2012 Edition

Well – it’s 10/10! For those that don’t know, it’s also the date of National Day in Taiwan. It doesn’t mean any thing in particular to me, but I always loved the idea of having a day of celebration on such an easy date to remember. 10/10! How can you forget that!? 10 stars out of 10! 1010 news! 10/10 grade = 100%! (No – I don’t mean that Kpop band…)

10/10 is also the score I’d give to Epik High‘s new single – after three years – “It’s Cold” featuring Lee Hi (winner of ‘K-POP Star’). Oh Epik High – how I’ve terribly missed you so.

The full album will be released on October 19.


News Bits: 7/6/2012 Edition

Wow I missed July 4th! Long time no see blogging world! Clearly Ghost has taken over my life… Anyways – on to some news bits for the day!

Park Shin Hye is starring in a new KBS one-episode drama called Don’t Worry, Because I’m a Ghost! Seriously – are ghosts the trend these days? I have Ghost, then Arang and the Magistrate and now this one. Ghosts and time traveling.

Park plays a ghost named Yeon Hwa, and she’s described as “lovely” – although I’m not sure ghosts can be “lovely.” She haunts a man who’s lost his memories, played by Bong Tae Gyu. The drama will air on July 15.