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News Bits: 9/30/2013 Edition

The Woman Who Married Three Times finally finished its casting of the lead actresses with Lee Ji Ah, just in time for next week’s start of shooting. Jo Han Seon and Ha Suk Jin also officially joined, so I ...
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News Bits: 7/5/2013 Edition

Song Hye Gyo is in the news for having filed a lawsuit on July 4 against 41 netizens for defamation. She’s accusing them for spreading false information about her having a politician as her ‘sponsor’. ...
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News Bits: 5/10/2013 Edition

Not sure if this is too little too late, but apparently, ‘Trainee A’ has dropped the charges against Park Shi Hoo and ‘Mr. Kim’ on the rape allegation. Why she dropped the charges has not been revealed yet. ...