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Wanted: Series Review

This series started out so strong. I feel that the drama was afflicted by some production and scheduling troubles (delaying the last two episodes for Olympics did not help its momentum probably), but more so ...

Wanted: Episode 11 Recap

Whoa this is a crazy episode. Not only does it confirm my suspicions on who’s the mastermind of this whole thing, but things are starting to amp up between the kidnappers’ plans and the race ...

Wanted: Episode 8 Recap

This episode was a doozy. It’s really amping up plot wise, but somehow the directing and editing is all over the place. I think the writer knows what he wants, but isn’t very good at ...

Wanted: Episode 7 Recap

The plot thickens… At first it really seemed like the mastermind behind the kidnapping wanted to expose normal people’s wrongdoings. But now, things have intensified to the point where the mastermind has a bigger goal, ...